family-at-beachIf we’re going to dream, we might as well dream big, right? And a family vacation should be no different. Whether it’s to an exotic destination, reconnecting with nature or simply making new memories with the loved ones, everyone should have a dream vacation. We talked all about our dream travel experiences at the October 17 TMOM Monday Twitter Party.

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Where’s your exotic family dream vacation destination?


@martiferg: My dream trip would be a Mediterranean cruise.

@AKBabyRentals: Australia and New Zealand!

@tracievan: Ohhhh Alaska would be awesome too!!!

@JamieCasolari: A trip to Italy because my husband’s family is Italian, and I love the lifestyle associated with Italian life.

@ChildMode: It’s a tie between Fiji and Abu Dhabi.

@jdnorthwest: New Zealand. Because it’s New Zealand

@TheGunnySack: Mine is to Hawaii or to Europe. We haven’t been able to travel much so anything would be nice!

@DebMomOf3: Honestly, right now my dream family vacation would be #Disney World – kids have never been!

@mshemenway: Exotic place: Any place check book and passport could take us – especially if they have rain. Tired of the drought!

Why is a dream vacation in nature good for you?

@ChildMode: Allows you to unplug and relax for a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever done that actually…..

@Wandering_Off: Instantly puts you at ease. Nothing better for the soul than fresh air.

@twinlins: I don’t know about nature per se, but I prefer my vacations to be outside of big cities.

@takingthekids: Get away from your comfort zone…

@xstitchschool: gets you back to basics! A time to refresh and recharge

@NeilZabka918: You learn soo much experiencing life in it’s most raw state. It brings you closer to the earth

@ionMyAdventures: Nature is so relaxing – no noise, slow pace

What are you doing to make your dream vacation a reality?

@jdnorthwest: Planning, planning, planning, then saving, saving, saving.

@ChaCha572: Saving change in huge water jug – using coupons, and daydreaming with the brochures!

@mtnmamatales: Right now just saving and hoping and doing a good job (we hope) raising our boys!

@NeilZabka918: I have an envelope that has trip on it. Not much money in it yet

@martiferg: We try to put a little money away when we can, but definitely not easy in this economy

@allierose: Teaching my son about saving for things and planning something fun. Research is a family project for both of us.

@buttmuffin: Entering sweepstakes.

What do you do to remember your dream vacation?

@familytravel4um: I like to write a children’s book starring my son after we do an exotic trip, so fun to review when they grow up.

@2cutekiddos: Make sure to write stuff down in a journal. Its a great way to remember.

@ChaCha572: Lots of pictures, souvenirs, and video.

@TheFamilyEscape: My husband makes beautiful photo books for my Christmas gifts.

@Wandering_Off: My souvenir of choice is the trusty t-shirt. Useful and fun.

What turns a regular vacation into a dream vacation?

@LuxuryTravelMom: Making it memorable. Anytime my kids say this was the best vacation ever it’s a “dream”.

@xstitchschool: It’s all in the attitude!!

@twinlins: Just enjoying local life and not busy site-seeing

@debmomof3: Seeing my kids’ faces at every new discovery in new places!

@takingthekids: No cooking, planning, lugging

@TheGunnySack: Fun adventures, something unexpected, good friends, good health, great weather

How does a dream vacation enrich your life back home?

@kimorlando: You will re-live it over and over- every holiday gathering, etc

@bctripletmom : Get away and clear your mind. Not worry about little things so much.

@NeilZabka918: It makes me re-evaluate my life. Appreciate the small things. The good times

@DebMomOf3: Gets kids excited about learning and to show about trip to friends and teachers – best of all they’re excited to travel more!

@keltom2: It also gives us more things to talk about and memories – talk and smile together 🙂

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