Holiday Castle  Fireworks 11 07 DL 5409Christmas makes us feel like kids again – just like Disneyland does. Our November 21 Monday night Twitter Party, we talked all about Disneyland Resorts and the holidays. We shared on our favorite things about Disneyland and made our mouths water a bit talking about favorite holiday treats like chocolate gingerbread cookies. We also shared which Disney character would be the best as Santa and California adventures we’d like to take.


What’s your favorite thing about Disneyland?



@LMC502: I can’t name just one thing. I have been a Disney fan since the first time I laid eyes on the castle at age 6!


@mimitravelz: There’s something for every age group. My kids love Electronica at California Adventure.


@NeilZabka918: The Characters…Minnie and Mickey.


@4evamamii: That I get to be kid again!!!


@ionMyAdventures: The cast members and employees are always friendly and go the extra mile.


@ChildMode:  World of Color! That show is absolutely amazing.



How many days do you need for a perfect family vacation? Why?


@ionMyAdventures: 5 days- I’m always ready to head home with the family, plus this gives me some recovery time for the next week.


@birdbanter: The perfect family vacay would be 5 days. Anything longer and I’ll need vacay from my vacay with a toddler along!


@rainbowlite: If you’re going to #Disneyholidays 2 or 3 days should be enough for both parks. Christmas time is the best.


@chaotic_barb: 5 days work for us on most vacations, 3 days for Disneyland.


@ramblingstump: Depends on how far we’re going. Nearby 3-4 days. Long flight 5-7 days


Seems like our moms agree on about 5 days being just right…


What questions do you have about Disneyland?


@: My big question after was: WHY IS MINNIES HOUSE 1/4 OF THE SIZE AS MICKEYS?


Good point!


@ramblingstump: How similar is Disneyland to Disneyworld? Will it be a different experience if we go to both?


@HuppieMama: What is the price of admission to Disneyland now?



 @kymri: here’s a helpful link:


@NeilZabka918: Were is Walt Disney kept…The maker? Is he on Ice?



@kimorlando: My guess is Small World.


@kimorlando: Lots of questions about cost- don’t order too many of @CindyRichards fave drink and you’ll b fine


Disneyland includes California adventure. What’s your ultimate CA adventure?


@ramblingstump: I love visiting San Fran and San Diego.


@kimorlando: 1 month: start at top: hiking, glamping, 5 star, down the coast, wineries, gold mines, surf, Little Tokyo, Vietnam.


@TeresaShaw: Just traveling cross country with the kids would be an adventure!


What is your favorite homemade treat at the holidays?


@EliseCD: Homemade Scandinavian sugar cookies are the best holiday treat for me


@kimorlando: Chippy Dippy


@DebMomOf3: Homemade cookies – chocolate chip, sugar cookies, Russian tea cakes. Those are what my mom made & what I make w/ my kids. 🙂


@LLLSummer: Chocolate dipped Rice Krispie treat from Disney World


@ionMyAdventures: Rocky road fudge on main street Disney.


@ramblingstump: Chocolate peppermint log and chocolate gingerbread cookies. Yum. 🙂


Sounds delicious! 


Which Disney Character would your kids most like to see as Santa?


@ionMyAdventures: Mickey classic. How about Fineas?


@DebMomOf3: Hmm, probably Phineas or Ferb. Or Mickey, of course!


@ramblingstump: Personally I love Stitch and think he’d be an awesome Santa.


@LuxuryTravelMom: Darth Vader as Santa…of course.


@kymri: And the vote is in. Goofy, because you’d hear him fall down the chimney.