minivanCars get us to work and the grocery, help us transport the kids to school and countless activities and make running errands possible. But do you ever think about the fond memories you have of the cars you’ve owned and loved? We chatted all about cars at our August 22 #TMOM Monday Twitter Party. We shared our favorite car memories, road trips, dream cars and more.


Tell us about your first car and the trips you took in it.



@wiredmom: My very first car was a honda CRX whose name was Louey after Louis Lips of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


@diamondslady812: Mine used as much oil as gas so no trips lol


@hzeh818: My first car was a Ford Escort, and I never went anywhere in it except to and from work and to and from work again lol! 2 jobs.

What’s the longest family roadtrip you ever took? How was it?


@JazzyTJan: Michigan to Orlando…long, long trip…Stopped on way down but drove all day and night coming home.


@DebMomOf3: Haven’t done a long road trip with the kids, but hubby and I drove from MI to FL for our honeymoon 11 yrs ago


@hzeh818: That would be the 11 hour trip to visit family in N.C. we just got back from! It was hell!


Do you have a nickname for your car?


@inkscrblr: Over the years I have had some names for my cars alright. None of which I can say out loud on a family friendly site.


@creep4ward: No pet name, but old car had the name “sallie”


@judy511: We nicknamed our GPS Gwen Phyllis Stein.


Do minivans make you uncool?


@CindyRichards: I believe people who drive minivans are so secure in their own coolness that the car doesn’t matter. (I’m not. I drive an SUV.)


@creep4ward: I think minivans used to be seen as uncool, now they aren’t too different from SUVs, no?


@MrsMogul: I think I’m super cool in mine. The air conditioning works great.


What’s your favorite car memory?


@AustinKVS: OK, I have a clean one…took my car, left a-hole boyfriend and moved to ATL from Cincy. Long, freeing drive!


@DebMomOf3: My dad driving real slow on our street and letting my brother and I sit on top of our van holding onto roof rack. Crazy, huh!


@creep4ward: I used to race down main street in my 1st ever car, thought I was so cool!


What’s your dream road trip car?


@maryheston: Dream car with the kids is my comfy #Suburban. If you’re driving with a crowd it’s awesome + 40 gallon tank / fewer stops!


@CindyRichards: My dream road trip is a huge Hummer (plenty of room for kids, dog, gear and suitcases) that gets 60+ miles to a gallon of gas.


@DanielleLeitch: I’ll go with a super-cool and eco-friendly Segway … In heels, of course!