crowded-airportOverbooked flights and hotels, high prices, trying to manage chaotic schedules and unexpected moments are all a part of holiday travel. But it’s also a time for spending reuniting and celebrating with friends and family and making new, cherished memories. We chatted about holiday travel at our TMOM Monday Twitter Party on Dec. 5. Did you ever encounter a hurricane or a naked stranger during holiday travel? If you did, you’ll fit right in.

What’s your most unexpected moment during a holiday vacay experience?

@jacqgrif: It was probably when I the Crown Plaza gave me an occupied room and I walk in on a naked man!


@peppermintses: Getting to Mexico to find out our hotel had oversold days earlier and never told us. Oops.

@MOM4EVEREVER: Hurricane Katrina.

@thegeekwife: I got bit by a bug in Jamaica and got deathly ill! I was sick for months.

@judy511: Hurricane – my shoes washed away walking back to the room.

@EmergAssistPlus: Finding a scorpion on our living room floor during our honeymoon in Playa del Carmen. Eeek!

@MomMostTraveled: My most unexpected moment was leaving the bathroom of my hotel to find a maid rifling through my purse!

What’s your #1 tip for hassle-free travel with your kids?

@Arianah_00: Expect the unexpected.

@chic_travel: SNACKS! (and vodka for the adults)

@tiffany053p: Bring grandma along to babysit! hehehe!

@DoomBuggyMom: Ziploc bags and wet wipes. Anything that goes awry can be handled if you have those things.

MamaSarahJane: Distractions! Snacks, games, toys, books…

@tunmun:Two words: NIGHT FLIGHT

@MomMostTraveled: When traveling with (young) kids, I stay as close to their routine and schedule as possible!

If you had the choice, would you do over a frustrating vacay or repeat a great one?

@AnEverydayJen: I’d love to do over a frustrating vacay in hopes of making it better

@elivya: I think I’d repeat a great one!

@MrsStrick: Do over the frustrating one. I’m a perfectionist – what can I say?

@rsmstahley: I would redo my bad one, because I know what went wrong. I don’t like having bad memories

@mjh215:I wouldn’t want to do over any, they are part of who I am now… and too much new stuff to do and see.

@helyn4:Redo a frustrating one… I want to redo my Hawaii trip since I spent it in bed last time

Would you be more likely to use your reward points to give a trip to a friend or family or buy them a gift?

@elivya: Probably buy them a gift. A trip has a lot of added expenses to it that rewards points wouldn’t cover.

@judy511: I’ve done both, but I want my miles for my own trips.

@JulieMeagan: I’d love to get them a trip. That’s a once in a lifetime experience.

@LLLSummer: I would use points to bring them to see me.

@zebastyandylan: That is easy. I would love to give a trip to my parents. They really deserve it!

@helyn4: I would buy a trip with the points for me and my good friend.. I love to travel with her!

What’s the most challenging part of booking travel? Sitting together? Blackout dates?

@tiffany053p: Getting hubby to take off of work!

@kevinbe1: Trying to get all of the elements of travelling to fit into one package!

@newlilmomma1234: We always drive everywhere, most challenging part is getting ready before we leave, takes forever!!!!!!

@susanlanai: Getting a good price!

@kevinbe1: Trying to get all of the elements of travelling to fit into one package!

If you had the choice of a trip anywhere with no restrictions, where would it be?

@DoomBuggyMom: France with my 10 year old daughter. She has a serious obsession with all things French.

@1Dad1Kid: Around the world for sure!

@kimorlando: I would also like to go to Croatia.

@kevinbe1: I’ve always had Super Bowl on my Bucket List and it’s only an hour away next year! Tickets are now the big problem!

@blondefabulous: Hubs and I agree, Maui. There are some wonderful resorts and natural attractions to see and do.