Uber_Fan_ImageIt’s no secret that we at TravelingMom.com are uberfans of travel. But there are lots of other things that elicit outside passions in people–football, scrapbooking, rock bands–you name, people love it. And uberfans are willing to travel to indulge their fandom.

That’s why we talked uberfans at the September 20 TravelingMom Monday Twitter Party, sponsored by Embassy Suites. The hotel chain is running an uberfan contest on Facebook. The grand prize winner will get $10,000 cash, 20 free nights at any Embassy Suites and an iPhone 4G.

Q1: What are you an Uber Fan of?



@sunrae17: Anywhere that has a nice beach!

@donnak4: Uber Fan of talk news.

@emilybarklage: John Mayer!

Q2: What kind of Uber Fan gear do you have?


@supermomcentral: I’ve got my X Games bandana and beanie – one for each season/event!

@jayhawknj: A map of all the great parking spaces in NYC!

@tunmun: Sports jerseys!


Q3: Have you traveled as a fan to see your favorite sports team/band/actor/something else?

Our Twitter partiers had a variety of different travel experiences…

@2sic2mooov: Traveled to see Bob Barker before he quit…BEST vacay of my life with my two daughters. Slept on the sidewalk!

@sleatham1: I did travel to a scrapbook convention, to a Kid Rock concert in Detroit, and to MANY football games.

@emilybarklage: I’ve traveled several times to see John Mayer live! – to KC, Bloomington, Columbia, Memphis…


And Embassy Suites gave us a tip…


@Embassy_Suites: Are you a Twilight fan? Head to Forks or La Push, WA. Are you a sports fan? Travel across the country to see your favorite team in action!


Q4: Name 1 thing TravelingMom w/Teens liked at Embassy Suites.


@LLLSummer: Big screen TVs.

@kamewh: The cooked-to-order breakfast.

@kimorlando: Free breakfast is a feature to love with 2 tweens and 1 teen. They get to pick, taste and eat all they want. Love that

Q5: What’s most important to you when you choose a hotel for a family vacay?


Most moms agreed that price, size and location were the top 3 factors when choosing a hotel…


@cnaes: Comfy beds are always a plus. Queen size. Not double/full.


@steet: Fridge, free breakfast, free wireless, pool

@fce431: Cleanliness very important.

@2sic2mooov: Best feature is GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Q6: Which Embassy Suites would you like to visit? Why?

@LongIslandMomx2: I would like to go to Embassy Suites in Orlando because I would love to take my 4-yr old and 19-month old to Disney!

@coolchillmom: I’ll take the Deerfield Beach Embassy Suites and spa too!

@TriciaInRaleigh: Fort Lauderdale Embassy Suites- near the port for our cruise!

@JenniferMiner: My chosen Embassy Suites would be the one in Lake Tahoe. Great for the whole family to ski and crash in exhaustion.

Q7: What do you see as the advantages of all-suites hotels?


@Embassy_Suites: Can you say more space? Our suites are especially convenient for families of 5+ for the same price as other hotels!

And our moms agreed that having a bigger room makes a difference…


@PRwahine: All suite Fairmont Kea Lani Maui offers a door between the bedroom & living room allowing me to sleep in and kids to go to bed early.

@kimorlando: All suites hotels expect families & are usually prepared for them- more casual atmosphere.

@jaeblakney: Great for bigger families, especially extended ones.

@nugglemama: I have 5 kids- eating meals in the suite save us $$!

Q8: If you won the Embassy Suites Uber Fan contest on FB where would you go? Why?

@krista_parry: I would go to Hawaii for a pre-winter escape!

Hawaii was a popular choice, but there were a few others…

@eggiesays: I would go t NYC!

@manelook: I would go to the Denver Downtown Embassy Suites. So much to do there! Wonderful hotel! I love it!

@TippyToeMom: I would go to visit my family in Dallas.

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