cellphoneElectronics are a huge part of our everyday life- but should that trend continue on vacation? The list of electronics that accompany families on holiday is long, but some of the Twitter partiers said they wanted even more–a washing machine and a portable printer.

What electronics are a must when you travel? How do you balance electronics with quality family time? And the dreaded question…could you and your family have an electronics-free vacation?  Watch what happened when founder of TravelingMom, Kim Orlando, asked her

family to go electronics free on a vacation to Amelia Island, Florida. We asked these questions at our September 27 Monday night Twitter Party.

Q1: What electronics do you bring on vacation? What does everybody else bring?


@mandyOregon: I bring my Ipod and camera.

@judy511: cellphone, laptops, GPS, IPod. Kids bring phone, iPod.

@theculturemom: iTouches, iPhones, Nintendo DS, Portable DVD player, GPS, video, chargers of all shapes and size.

Q2: How do you manage it all- cords, charging, arguing?

Our moms shared some great tips to keep in mind for your next trip…

@judy511: Hubby & I have the same phone and charger

@kimorlando: I have a technology bag. All cords go in that bag. They become a tangled mess but they are in one spot.

@4evamamii: I use “universal chargers” so everyone plug it in

@CindyRichards: My secret: I never leave home without a power strip- keeps everything charged in the airport and the hotel room.

Q3: How do you balance the electronics and the family time?

@TippyToeMom: We have to be really organized and place limits on the electronics. We also mix it up with books and coloring books.

@sleatham1: Our family time is electronic free!

@theculturemom: We mainly use electronic games on planes, trains, automobiles to keep kids quiet

@kamewh: We don’t have TV or anything during family time. We focus on each other.

Seems like our twitterers are finding a good way to limit the electronic time for the kids. But sometimes we just can’t find time to limit ourselves…

@mcontrol: As for balance- does balancing my latte while breastfeeding my daughter and sending e-mail count??

Q4: Are there any electronics you wish were portable?

@CindyRichards: Seems to be everything is portable these days…I might like ones with longer battery life.

Very true, but that didn’t stop our moms from finding more…

@ciesla504: My washing machine??!!

@justicecw: How about our big screen TV? lol!

@sleatham1: Printer!

@FrancescaMaz: I wish my DVR were portable. Only so I can watch my favorite sports teams while I’m traveling!

Q5: Could you do a completely electronics free vacation? Would you?

@ciesla504: Being honest, could not go without my cell. Family is important and those not with us need to be able to reach us for emergency

@GoBIG_GoHome: Unfathomable.

@tracy_burns: Maybe. Husband- no way! Have wonderful pics of him in the middle of nowhere as we swim in waterfalls checking his e-mail.

But for some, the idea of a peaceful getaway without gadgets is a great idea…

@mandyOregon: I go camping with none! At least for a week.

@GoudaCheese007: Yes, I have before. The first day was sooo hard, but you get used to it! Stress free!

Q6: Do you take any, ahem, personal battery powered toys? (You know what we mean)

@ciesla504: LMBO! umm…nope…wait! My new little battery portable razor? It vibrates! lol!

@CindyRichards: No. I travel with hubby. And book a condo with a separate room and a door that locks!

@kymri: No…but I keep my cellphone on vibrate. 😉 lol

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