cellphoneA new year is a good reason to make a fresh start–with resolutions to lose weight, travel more and be more thankful, according to the partiers at our January 3 Monday Night Twitter Party. Since we were giving away iGiftThanks apps for iPhones, we also talked about what we’re most grateful for: technology to keep us connected (smart phones and wifi) and get us where we need to go (GPS).

What is your #1 resolution for 2011?

@londonmodgirl: Resolution is to get back to photography. Not to worry about getting the perfect shot but just photograph.

@ramblingstump: #1 resolution is to write more, travel, and try to keep a tidier house!

@thegeekwife: To lose ALL my weight and have a healthier me!

@lifeonprint: To be slow to anger and quick to listen

What’s your travel resolution for 2011?

@foodforthought: Travel less, but more significantly.

@londonmodgirl: Big scale: London. Never been. Small scale: Chicago. Not since 2002.

@CindyRichards: I’d like to visit the last 3 states—SD, ND and Alaska –I still haven’t seen.

@CarissaRogers: We actually may be traveling less this year in order to travel MORE next year! Fun stuff planned though.

What are you most thankful for in 2010?

@londonmodgirl: Most grateful for being laid off in Dec 2009 and having the balls to start my own biz.

@lovelimes: I’m most thankful for a healthy birth of my son in 2010!

@DebMomof3: Most thankful for family, good health, amazing friends, and neighbors… We have so much to be thankful for!

What can you do to remember to be more thankful in 2011?

@StressFreeBaby: My family says what they’re thankful for at dinner every night.

@travelingmoms: I will not take any of my days in 2011 for granted. Amazing opportunities ahead!

@kimorlando: Volunteer locally throughout the year. Find causes that are close to my heart and dive in.

natureWhen you visit friends/family how do you show gratitude?

@elissapr: If traveling out-of-town and staying at a friend’s, we’ll take family out for brunch or dinner, or arrive with champagne.

@_royalresorts: By giving them a big, warm hug and telling them I love them.

@thisenvy: I also show gratitude by listening and being patient. I think people appreciate that.

@ramblingstump: If they have kids, the best gift is to send them out to dinner without you and watch the kids

What new breakthroughs in travel are you grateful for?

@sleatham1: DVD player for our van—Ipod too—both keep kids and adults occupied and happy

@londonmodgirl: IPad. Hands down. Awesome for my two year old on trips.

@_royalresorts: Yelp’s Monocle – Augmented Reality Travel app for Android http://rww.to/h3Rpoo

@that_danielle: Portable DVD player makes car/plane trips enjoyable with 5-year-old. GPS makes car trips SO much better/easier.

@AnaRC That airports are getting kid friendlier. I see a lot more play areas and facilities for kids now.

What are some of the best Thank Yous you have received?

@ramblingstump My boss sends great harvest bakery gift packs at Christmas. Mmm carbs.

@doubleadventure: Target gift cards are always a big hit with me as well.

@camiloolea: My 5-year-old’s bright, smiling face. Best “Thank You” ever!

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