turkey1Thanksgiving looms next week. For some families, that will mean smiles and fun. For others, it will mean oven fires and fistfights. Regardless, Thanksgiving is all about family, food, and traditions, according to the tweets during our November 15 TravelingMom Monday Twitter Party.

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In case you missed the fun this week, here’s a recap of some of the best tweets during the Thanksgiving TravelingMom Monday Twitter party.

Thanksgiving is all about food and family. How do you cope?

@travelingmoms: I have guests come 1 hour before we eat to avoid low blood sugar.

@justicecw: I am the worst cook. The one year we hosted Thanksgiving we prepared food in advance.

@lifeonprint: I cope by planning ahead!

@clallen1971: I cope by taking one day at a time…slowly

@vermilionkisses: I just try to breathe and go with the flow and not to be a perfectionist.

What’s your worst relative story?

@GoBIG_GoHome: My grandma-in-law wouldn’t share recipe for stuffing because I wasn’t “family”. We were married 10 years!

@blandrews13: I had family come stay with us and never helped with anything! Didn’t even offer.

@randi3208: My in-laws didn’t talk to me at the holiday functions because they thought my hubby was too good for me…I got over it

@forever_charmed: My sister and my mom getting in a fist fight one year.

familytravelDo you travel over Thanksgiving? Where and why?

@MomsTravelTales: A few years ago we visited NYC for T-giving. QUITE an adventure with 18 months, 4, and 6 year old.

@richellekrzak: People travel to us now that we have little ones. I have to cook.

@flywithbaby: Seems we are always traveling for holidays, but it’s worth it to see family (parents, in-laws, siblings) who live elsewhere

@clallen1971: We travel to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. My husband loves to visit and help on the farm there.

Share your TDAY Dinner disaster stories.

@forever_charmed: A couple years back I started an oven fire because I ended up leaving it in way way too long…Yikes!

@SavvySavinMama: The turkey on the counter and the dog getting it

@ChaoticKarma23: First year we tried to make a turkey we burnt it horribly.

@kimorlando: I think we need to revisit this question after Thanksgiving. Will be very fun. MUST keep our sense of humor

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving leftover recipe?

@flywithbaby: Turkey and cranberry sandwich and turkey soup

@lovelimes: Love turkey piled on dumplings with gravy.

@sweepinjenny: Turkey pot pie….yummy!

@kymri: Leftoverpie (if any) heated for breakfast!

@GoBIG_GoHome: Curried turkey salad with celery and dried cranberries!

Mmm..sounds great! We’re continuing to collect thanksgiving leftover recipes on TravelingMom. Share yours at http://bit.ly/9z9  

What do you love most about the holidays?

@CindyRichards: Time with family, traditions, special food, smiles, and the beauty of the season

@ChaCha572: The company and the memories. The pie and wine are just an added bonus.

@WeekendInParis: Favorite thing about the holidays is no homework for kids, sleep late, play games, light fires, and time for quality conversations.

@finntannermom: Seeing how excited my kids get seeing their cousins and grandparents.

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Great answers! Thanks for sharing and have a happy holiday!