detroit-airportFamily holidays can be fodder for some of the sweetest family memories and funniest family stories. At our January 24 Monday night Twitter Party, sponsored by Sony’s Open Season 3, we shared our funniest, sweetest and most sacred travel traditions.

If you ran away to join the circus, what would your act be?

@DiscoveringtheM: I’m probably a clowning natural!

@kymri: My circus act would likely be gymnastics or trapeze.

Some moms already feel like they’re already living the circus life….


@judy511: Lion tamer–raising 3 kids is my training.

@morriska372: If I joined the circus, I would be the plate spinner! Not unlike my life right now.

What is your child’s favorite stuffed “lovie”? What would happen if it got lost?

@inkscrblr: My kids each have a blanket and one special build-a-bear that goes everywhere

@StressFreeBaby: I still have my koala beer from my birthday as a little one…my daughter has it on her bed now

@CarissaRogers: My middle kid was only one attached to a stuffed purple “Princess Di” bear…the others not so much.

@mellanhead: Oldest still has hers (pooh blanket), my 4-year-old had a blanket (long gone), and the youngest has me

What’s your sacred family travel tradition?

@cindyhopper: When in a foreign country, we must go to the grocery store!

@mommyniri: I collect dolls from each country I visit.

@ramblingstump: Our sacred travel tradition is our summer car trip through WI/MN- cheese curds, water parks, the Mall of America

@LIVELOVELYNN: Our tradition is we take a picture of the family with the landmark with the town/city/park’s name on it

What is your family’s sweetest travel memory?

@thisenvy: Visiting Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone with grandparents

@Lorraine_TLA: Disney—it was our first big trip with workaholic hubby…it’s usually just the kids and me.

@morriska372: My sweetest travel memory is going to Northern Michigan to Lake Huron touring lighthouses. Love Northern Michigan in the summer!

@justprecious: Middle running into Mickey’s arms

What is your favorite travel souvenir?

@thisenvy: Love a necklace I bought in France at Mt. St Michael in 1998 and still wear it

@morriska372: For some reason, I’ve kept a sand dollar from St. Petersburg, Florida since I’ve been 12. Must be special!

@cindyhopper: We bring home the same thing for everywhere – ceramic plate

@ramblingstump: Pictures. We like to spend our money doing (canoeing, eating out, etc) rather than buying. I do like to buy local cookbooks!

What’s the funniest thing that happened when traveling with your kids?

@StillCharmed1: At Disney World my daughter asked Goofy if he could give her a piggy back ride

@cindyhopper: We forgot my son’s shoes on a trip to Holland to a fest he had to wear wooden Dutch clogs

@kymri: At age 3, my daughter was fascinated with the burping camels in Egypt, cared less about the pyramids or Nile!

@manelook: When we were camping and friend drew a paw print on the truck. Kids were convinced it was a bear.

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