packersTime to break out the seven-layer dip and settle in for the Super Bowl. Or hit the road to see the game in person. Or head to the spa to avoid it altogether.

The Super Bowl and traveling for sporting events was the topic of our January 31 Monday Night Twitter Party. We shared favorite Super Bowl foods and of course as travel lovers, where we have traveled for sporting events in the past.

What do you do during the Super Bowl? Watch it? Read a book? Leave town?

@mommytravels: We always host a party, so I try to watch, but keep everything going at the same time

@xstitchschool: Watch it with family!

@lovemykeiki: I kind of watch but end up leaving the room to get things done…and eat snacks, cook, etc!

@GoBIG_GoHome: The only part I like about the Super Bowl are the commercials!

What’s your favorite Super Bowl food?

@bcherry82: Chili, wings, BBQ, and pizza! We have a huge group of friends that get together so there is a big variety.

@CindyRichards: Fave SB food: Munchies—chips and dips, quesadillas, chili. And beer. Lots of beer.

@arrowssentforth: I’m a classic chip n dip girl.

@SavvySavinMama: Seven layer Mexican style dip is my personal favorite but of course hubby would say wings!!

steelersWhat is your formula for the perfect tailgating party?

@TravelDesigned: A punch bowl full of cocktails makes for easy hosting

@CindyRichards: Beer, a grill, burgers, dogs, chili, more beer, potato salad, beer…

@ludyl123: Grill pizza and wings outside by the pool with a T.V. outside- that’s our idea of tailgating with friends

Where have you traveled for a sporting event? Why?

@mommytravels: Lubbok, TX to cheer on my Red Raiders!

@BtrVacationRent: Travel to baseball games: Tampa, NYC, St. Louis, Milwaukee, LA, Anaheim, Boston, San Diego, Chicago.

@BtrVacationRent: And to see the Red Sox and Patriots whenever they’re nearby

@toeuropewithkid: Paris for Tour de France because hubby is a huge fan

What is the farthest you have ever parked from a major event?

@BtrVacationRent: Far enough to get hubcaps stolen at a White Sox game in Chicago.

@CindyRichards: I’ll park a mile away not to pay for parking. I’m really cheap that way.

@lawschlkid: I parked over 2 miles for a college football game because we were broke college kids and wanted the cheapest parking we could find.

@PattiMinglin: Not far—my husband will drive forever until a good spot opens up!

@ParkWhiz: Once made the mistake of parking over 2 miles away from a concert in Saratoga; I don’t make those mistakes any more.

What do you think would be the perfect halftime show?

@dianarowe: I’m stoked to see Fergie with Black Eyed Peas at the halftime Superbowl 2011!

@morriska372: U2 would be my ultimate halftime show!

@strongfathers: A SEMI full of fresh guac pulls up in front of my house at halftime and chopper drops chips

@CindyRichards: I kind of like the old fashioned kind with a marching band and flag girls, etc. I know. Not hip.

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