SpringBreak2On March 4th we gathered together to chat Spring Breaks. Budget came up repeatedly as a main driver in planning, with many folks leaning towards road trips to save money. And we all learned that our fearles founder Kim Orlando got bitten by the travel bug early! 

How far is the farthest you have/would travel on spring break? Why?

@teresashaw Traveled from Michigan to Florida to visit a certain mouse.

@CindyRichards Went to Xtapa, Mexico, 1 spring break–to @clubmed. It was wonderful–I felt like I had a vacation too (not just the kids).

@blondefabulous Not far. Maybe a neighboring state. I like to relax on spring break, not spend it in a car!

@GoudaCheese007 We also like to visit places in Texas, and that is far from one part to another!

@ArrowSentForth I went to Ireland one year in college. My then-BF, now husband was studying abroad there.

@snowmamas Went to Park City Utah & loved it so much went every year for spring break. So much that we moved here!

What’s your biggest spring break travel challenge?

@janettwokay The biggest challenge is finding reasonable airline tickets. Prices are high during peak travel times.

@kimorlando Coordinating schedules!

@judy511 Keeping Passover.

@erodg Biggest spring break travel challenge? Uh, getting a plan together in all my free time.

@CindyRichards This spring break challenge seems insurmountable: kids have different break weeks.

Where do your kids most want to go on spring break? Where do you want to go?

@minitraveler Basically anywhere/anything to do with legos.

@Stacey5656 Anywhere away from this snow haha !!

@travelermom My kids want to go on a cruise. My husband and I want to go somewhere w/o the kids. 🙂

@ElenaSonnino My daughter wants to go on a @Disney cruise. I would be happy almost anywhere.

@JazzyTJan I want to go to VA to see family. Rest of family wants to go on a cruise. Not happening this year.

What do you pack to ensure a successful spring break roadtrip?

@amycoh I like to bring a brand new toy or book too – it keeps the kids entertained to explore something new.

@jspd Camera, water bottle, extra toilet paper because you never know when you’ll need some.

@bodinesteph Lots of extra baby supplies for me this year!

@WanderingTastes And good coffee for ME and @Karycun.

@Jessica_davis4 We pack like we r moving. U never can take enough. I ALWAYS 4get something. Usually my phone charger.

@PaulEisenberg A roll of paper towels handy on the back windshield. Forgot it the last couple times, wish we hadn’t.

What do you look for in a spring break destination?

@allierose During spring break I want a quick fun getaway that is close by. For me, its the ocean.

@CindyRichards I look for a place to relax. Beaches. Warm sun. No pressure. So important, esp when the kids hit the pressure of HS & college.

@ramblingstump One thing. WARM!

@PaulEisenberg For family vacay a springbreak destination must have an absence of college kids. They make me nervous.

@erodg If mama’s happy, everyone’s happy: beach & food.

What don’t you want your kids to know about your spring break college trip?

@JazzyTJan I never had a spring break college trip. Only trips were home (about 500 miles). Do I get a do over?

@autiglobetrot In essence Don’t do ANYTHING i did!

@CoupleDumb Never did spring break in college. I did all my bad stuff close to home.

@WanderingTastes Some things are best left unshared.

@kimorlando Another spring break – did not tell parents – took TRAIN from Nogales to Mazatlan with chickens and students.

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.