romantic coupleValentine’s Day is all about chocolates, roses, and love. But can we keep that same romance during travel? We talked all about romantic travel at our January 13 Monday Night Twitter Party. We discussed the most romantic places in the world – Tahiti, Paris, Italy and more. Our Tweeters shared how to keep travel romantic even when the kids are there and what foods to eat (and avoid) to keep the trip romantic.

If you could spend Valentine’s Day anywhere in the world, where would you go?
@candacki: Tahiti!!! 🙂
@judy511: Ice hotel — must snuggle.
@abbebrown: Greece looks super-romantic, and I’ve always wanted to go there!
@sunrae17: Caribbean
@sweetmatcha: I would want to go to Turks and Cacaos…sounds like a lovers paradise there.
@kymnasium: Venice, Italy
@rusthawk: Paris!
@dreamfishing: Hawaii!!
What’s the secret to having a romantic trip with kids?
@thegeekwife: Finding alone time. Planned activities for just you two. Kids club…on cruise ships that is easy. Great way to travel!
@dreamfishing: Separate rooms 🙂
@sweetmatcha: Secret would be to bring your mom to babysit while you have fun 😉
@MaryIrene: Leaving them home?!?!
@kymnasium: See what activities they can do. They’re happy, we’re happy 🙂
@dovgame: Grandparents
What do you want in a romantic hotel deal?
@mom4everever: Quiet soundproof walls, big bathrobes, soft bed, clean.
@sweetmatcha: Having private anything would be romantic!
@JennieBaird: Animal print robes.
@DiningInDisney: Childcare.
@mellanhead: Room service, champagne, jacuzzi
@thegeekwife: Flowers on the bed, romantic room, great view, meal in a romantic spot, spa treatments for two, etc…
Where have you traveled for romance?
@maryheston: We went to Big Bend National Park/stayed in the lodge and hiked and went down to the river/springs
@dreamfishing: Cancun, Florida, and actually…New Orleans!
@mom4everever: the woods
@thegeekwife: Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. They are all beautiful. But Hawaii wins! 10 days on Oahu, paradise!
@sweetmatcha: love Hawaii, Japan, and New Zealand
What is the most romantic food?
@StressFreeBaby: Oysters – they make me feel sinful.
@judy511: Fresh figs. Read #DHLawrence.
@dipaolamomma: Believe it or not Moroccan food can be very romantic. Aromatic, eat with your hands, feed each other. Very 9 1/2 weeks. TMI?
@thegeekwife: A ribeye steak perfectly seasoned and cooked medium rare. Nothing life it in the world! Melts in your mouth. Yum!
@BrownPalace: Anything chocolate, of course!
@mom4everever: If I don’t have to cook it, and it’s hot and fresh, then it’s probably romantic to me.
@abbebrown: Italian is always good. Conjures Lady and the Tramp images lol. Hubby hates seafood, Mexican gives us gas.
@sweetmatcha: Tiramisu makes me lovey dovey.
What makes a destination romantic?
@Travaasa: A beach and your special someone.
@abbebrown: Anywhere that my hubby and I agree on where to eat and what to do.
@judy511: Secluded beach, fireplace. Most important—your imagination.
@rkosully: Gorgeous scenery, memories ready to be made, enjoyable for both of us…and a good attitude!
@kimorlando: A destination is romantic when it’s chosen with care – with the OTHER person’s preferences in mind.
@mom4everever: No phones, no electronics, no extra relatives like MIL, kids asleep are fine in other room.
@valinreallife: You have to work with you’ve got. Waiting for the “perfect” romantic vacation means it may never happen right?
@dreamfishing: Free time, warm weather, lazy days.