Airport_sreeningAll travel must come to an end, and after the #TMOMDisney retreat that meant returning to mountains of laundry and an empty fridge for many of the TravelingMom Network bloggers . It’s little wonder, then, that we suffer post-travel stress. We talked about what it is and how to cope during our February 28 TMOM Twitter Party. No. 1 answer: book another trip.

What’s the best thing about coming home from a trip?

@kimorlando: I love to sit around the dinner table and hear about what I missed and share how my time went.


@judy511: Having a tan in winter.

@GoBIG_GoHome: After family vacation, best is going our separate ways! Too much togetherness…too  much!

What’s the worst thing about coming home from a trip?

@kimorlando: Not knowing WHERE to begin…

@judy511: Laundry

@CindyRichards: Worst thing(s): No maid service. No room service. No bell service. No service—period.

Have you ever suffered from PTTS (Post Travel Trauma Syndrome)?

@judy511: Yes- today. Rain…I want Disney sun.

@kimorlando: Yes, but try to take a step at a time – works for me!

@DebMomOf3: Always hard to get back into “real” life.

What advice do you have for others who suffer PTTS (Post Travel Trauma Syndrome)?

@SandraBlogs: Scrapbook your trip pictures.

@Monique_Rubin: Relax and savor the memories. Trips are temporary but laundry is forever.

@aprilpachuta: A glass of wine always helps with PTTS!

What do you miss the most about traveling when a trip is over?

@kimorlando: Sleeping although I didn’t get a whole lot of rest at the #TMOMDisney retreat- was so amped up.

@LuxuryTravelMom: I love the excitement of another place. I even love airports…I love the energy of traveling.

@StressFreeBaby: The feeling of escape from day to day.

What do you wish you could come home to?

@Leighbra: I’m thinking a complete hotel staff waiting in my closet…Would be a little creepy, but I’d deal.

@doubleadventurelei: I wish I could come home to all of my articles and posts about my trip written for me!

@TheWorldCalls: I wish I could return to mail sorted and bills paid, house clean and family all in order.

@OhioCatfish: I would like to come home to a well stocked fridge.

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