cruise_holidayHow do you plan to ring in 2011? Do your plans for the year involve travel? Did you keep all of your travel plans for 2010? We talked all about ringing in a new year at our December 27 TravelingMom Monday Twitter Party.

How do you celebrate New Years Eve?

@VectorYou: I always stay close to home for New Year’s. Hoping to afford to travel more soon!

@2sic2mooov: We go to the bowling alley with tons of kids and then hang out with neighbors. No driving!

@Aireslibre: I tend to travel during New Years, just a superstition that if I stay home I may be home all year.

@shantelruebling: We book a local hotel room and let the kids swim, play board games, and eat pizza and other snacks.

What is your most memorable NYE outfit?

@2sic2mooov: Red ugly sweater that looked like a “granny” Christmas sweater! Too tight pants from too much holiday treats!

@VectorYou: I’ve worn leg warmers in the past!

@kimorlando: I like to believe that all of my outfits were spectacular. Let me go on believing…


Did you keep any of your 2010 travel resolutions?

new-years-eve@travelingmoms: My resolution was to travel more but it wasn’t in the cards this year..husband worked out of town.

@soulfliesfree: No I did not keep my resolution. I need to travel much more this year…it will happen.

@CindyRichards: Yes, I made it to ABQ NM and NC Outer Banks. Both wonderful. Only 3 states still haven’t seen.

@vkearns: sole annual resolution: I don’t make resolutions.


Where would you most like to spend NYE?

@2sic2mooov: I’d love anywhere that the weather is tropical to celebrate NY! With my hubby, alone…no kids, dogs, phones, tv!

@ramblingstump: I’d like to actually be home and celebrate in VT. Burlington has a great 1st night program that’s family friendly.

@LuxuryTravelMom: Hoping to spend NYE in our Beaver Creek condo, kids, popcorn, fire, family…and maybe Ryan Seacrest!

Do you let your kids stay up until midnight on NYE?

@kimorlando: I love ringing in the NY with my kids. We’ve been celebrating with the same family for 4 years. Kids too.

@ramblingstump: I let him but whether he makes it or cranks out on the couch is his choice.

@StressFreeBaby: My kids are more able to stay up until midnight than I am!

@Aireslibre: Since the divorce my kids spend most NY’s with their dad but when they are with me I do but they are older now…14&11.

@lovinmykiddos: My kids have always spent the night with my parents on NYE.

Where are you traveling in 2011?

@morriska372: I am hoping to travel on a cruise and will go to Michigan to visit the fam.

@WinneratLife: Panama City, Las Vegas, and somewhere in the Caribbean. Not sure where yet. Maybe a cruise this year.

@LuxuryTravelMom: Beaver Creek, Mt. Snowe, Disneyworld, Park City, Kiawah Island, Maine, London, Italy…back to Haiti

@2sic2mooov: Going camping out west with camper for the first time. I am scared! Not of bears…but crabby kids and hubby!

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