military_dadThe country is filled with war memorials, and parades honoring veterans on Veterans Day. During our Nov. 8 TravelingMom Monday night Twitter Party, we were overwlemed with tips for ways to honor vets on a family holiday, ways to say thank you to active military and how to teach kids about respecting our to our vets.

What do you do to celebrate Veterans Day? Need some ideas? Read on for a recap of the Nov. 8 Veterans Day Twitter party, and mark your calendars for the next TMOM Monday from 9-10 pm ET on Nov. 15 when we’ll be talk about Thanksgiving travels.

How do you celebrate Veterans Day and honor soldiers?


Military wife @MadHatterMom who tweeted, “I think it’s important ppl recognize servicemen/women even if they don’t agree w/ what’s happening nationally” had lots of great ideas:

Check with your local VFW hall and see if they will have any flag raising or other. Ask how you can help…

Last year I asked a military wife on Twitter if we could send her hubs a care package. He loved it even tho he didn’t know us!

We’ve also Adopted a Soldier from my hubs old unit in the Army.. Other cool ideas include:

@MilitaryMama: IF YOU KNOW A MILITARY MEMBER You can win them some warm feet!

@breaduh: I always call or e-mail the vets I know and tell them THANK YOU and that that their sacrifice was not in vain or taken for granted.

@WeekendInParis: Worst feeling for ppl in military is to NOT get mail on mail call – nice to send letters, packages

@mellanhead: I lay wreaths on my grandfathers’ graves.

soldier@kimorlando: I often see people in the airport approach military/shake their hand, thank them or pat them on the back.

@collegevisit: I have a friend who says thank you by knitting slippers 4 those in VA hospitals. She knits all year long

@HappyHousewife: Consider inviting a vet to dinner this Thanksgiving

@kimorlando Very simply, “Thank you for serving.” The other day 1 man in uniform said 2 me, “thank U for yor support.”

@MilitaryMama: You can buy pounds of Starbucks coffee to donate to deployed soliders! Just buy a pound & let the barista know!

@sethandshannon2: Least we can do is buy their breakfast or dinner

@ramblingstump: Donate an old cell & give some1 60min of family talk time!

@CindyRichards: I do this:

@HYBRID79: We are making dinner for our neighbor, a Nam vet

Do you have a military hero in your family?

@littlebytesnews: My military hero is my dad who served in WWII and grandfather is WWI and brother-in-law serving now and anyone who serves our country

@travelingmoms: Both grandfathers, uncles, and my older brother.

@savorthethyme: All the military families that are serving too!

What do you tell your kids when you see someone in uniform?

@MilitaryMama: My daughter sees men in uniform everyday…”No, that one’s not daddy. Not that one either.”

@MadHatterMom: My kids know what their Daddy does and why…they may not understand it completely (3&5) but they know!

@breaduh: My kids are older, but they were always taught great respect for those in uniform.

Do you travel on Veterans Day? Where to?

@MilitaryMama: We don’t travel- hubby just stays home. He gets the day off!

@ramblingstump: I’m a sucker for a parade.

@WeekendInParis: We do not usually travel on Veterans Day. Kids had school, but school had parade with posters of VETS- so cool!

Have you taken your kids to see a war memorial? Where?

@madhattermom: Not yet…but once the kids are a little older we have a trip planned to Washington D.C.

@CindyRichards: My daughter loved Colonial Williamsburg. I love Gettysburg.

@MilitaryMama: Not yet but plan to when our kids are old enough to understand. It’s important to the hubs and I to show our kids that history.

What are some historic war-related sites to visit with kids?

@breaduh: Civil War battlefields are amazing places…there is a “sacred” feel to them. Hard to explain!

@CindyRichards: The war monuments in DC—Vietnam and WW2—are very moving and shouldn’t be missed.

@WeekendInParis: Statue of Iwo Jima is very powerful also! In DC & of course must see Arlington National for Tomb of Unknown Soldier!

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