forkids-bykidsWe gathered together for our Monday Twitter chat to talk Happy Healthy Kids Travel. We talked about healthy eating on the road, desirable kids menus, and staying active during trips.

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What’s the hardest part about getting kids to eat healthy on the road? 

@holly_gardens Planning ahead for where to eat!


@DebMomof3 I have to look at healthy as relative – as long as it’s healthy-ish… At least vacay is finite.

@go2kauai Having them actually sit down and eat and not be distracted by the new surroundings.

@CindyRichards We try to eat local, if not always healthy. If they can get it at home, shouldn’t eat it when traveling.

@KidsCarribean The kids are so caught up in excitement of new experiences, it’s a challenge to get them to be even interested in food!

@StuffedSuitcase Not having your own kitchen to store & prepare food. Also odd schedules so we rely on fast food.

@desertchica For me it’s finding the right selection of healthy foods since they are picky.

@PaulEisenberg Hardest part about getting kids to eat healthy on the road is setting a good example with my own eating.

How do you keep your family active on summer vacation? 

@funhippo3 We are considering taking our bikes this year so we can bike somewhere on the trip!

@LuxuryTravelMom There is NO sitting still on our vacations. My husband is a drill sergeant.

@sweetmatcha The pool / beach is always fun. Swimming is great way to exercise!

@CantonCathy Bike rides and lots of walking and exploring when on vacay.

@savorthethyme We look for hotels with indoor pools and do plenty of walking for sure.

@jdnorthwest All our vacations have a heavy moving component, beach, hiking, skiing, etc.

@miasinc We are always going on active vacations, we can rest & sit around at home!

@AnujadeSilva Doing some research even on Google maps helps. Can pick restaurants while mapping the route.

It can be hard to eat well during travel. What do you look for in a kid’s menu? 

@bethannchard FRESH in the description or at least a vegetable or fruit. Like the option of milk as well.

@CindyRichards We used to order kids adult entree & split it between them. Better food, more choice, healthier than kid menu.

@OhBabyBoston My kids have odd tastes. Pasta of course always works, but our best bet is always sushi.

@Hchybinski Variety! I have a steak & burger eater and a pasta & fruit eater!

@KouponKat Sometimes I think we’d all be better off if we ordered off the kids menu for portion control and healthy options.

How do you get your kids to try new foods and experience new flavors? 

@Mmommymusings By asking them to try a small taste.

@LuxuryTravelMom They will eat it when they are hungry.

@savorthethyme Just about every time we have a meal. Best way to go about it (and seeing friends eat other foods).

@lorikeet8 It starts at home. Try new foods or flavored so kids are excited to try new things on trips.

@blondefabulous I once called fried okra Blubber Nuggets a la Fairly Odd Parents & the kids tried them and loved them!

@SheBuysCars We tell them that it’s part of the fun of traveling. Trying new things.

@TheeJuliette I have my little one help me in kitchen. We do our own tv show.

@momsanitytweets I give it to him first, when he’s really hungry. He’s much more likely to eat it then.

@TeresaShaw DH and I order different foods/flavors & give kids taste – always seem 2 taste better off our plates.

Best family summer vacation memory? 

@miasinc We were on the WDW monorail & my 5 yr old said “Mommy you’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world!”

@Mommy_Points Summer vacation memories always goes back to swimming. Pools, oceans, whatever!

@mjorie Just being together as a family!

@momstart We took a trip to Montana and it was fun having a snow fight on fresh snow.

@autiglobetrot Riding angry camels in Lanzarote (Canary Islands).

@ElenaSonnino Hiking to the top of the Tofana in Cortina last summer. Was brutally cold, but was a thrill to be in the clouds.

What is your family’s breakfast specialty or favorite morning meal? 

@mommytravels Eggs, bacon and biscuits.

@bethannchard French toast, fresh berries, and a little whipped cream.

@ryechepet We love scrambled eggs in a wrap w/salsa.

@ceciliaheston My dad loves making hashbrowns – and everyone loves eating them.

@kimorlando Multigrain power pancakes-start w Trader Joe’s mix add coconut, nuts, flax meal, coconut oil, almond milk, blueberries.

@LuxuryTravelMom I have to admit that Nutella figures in to breakfast. I figure I have coffee so it’s only fair.

@GeekDad248 One of my favorite breakfast meals is egg Benedict with crab meat instead of ham.

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