residence-innHow do you balance family life and travel? We gathered to discuss just that along with our sponsor, Residence Inn. With pools, suites, free breakfast, evening meals, and free grocery delivery straight to your suite they certainly strive to make moms life easier. And now they’ve introduced a new Facebook group where you can discuss vacationing with your family.

How do you find life balance while on vacation and at home?

@EasyTravelMom On vacay it’s all about relaxation, bonding time, shutting out the outside world & at home I’m still working on that!

@AnitaUtami By preparing the trip well in advance 🙂


@Cammi1972 I think routine is great! Try to still have routine meals, nap times, bed times if possible.

@kimberredneck Remember to enjoy the journey and experience new things when possible while on vacation.

@mommytravels I always have a frozen dinner handy just in case at home & on vacation.

How do you maintain your family’s healthy eating habits while on the road?

@susan1215 It’s nice to stay at a hotel that has a kitchen so we don’t have to go out to eat all the time.

@AdrienBeatty Pack a cooler full of healthy food and lots of water.

@halfcrazymama Having a kitchen when traveling with picky eaters is great otherwise they will try to eat bread and french fries the whole time!

@CarolYemola I like to stay in efficiencies. We go to the grocer for food and cook some meals in our room.

@GoudaCheese007 We love to snack, so having healthy snacks are a must! We love making homemade granola!

@raisecuriousity Visit local farmers markets – fun and healthy

What are your secrets to switching from busy mom to relaxed vacation mom?

@CindyRichards When kids were little, we booked rooms w/ a balcony. Put kids to bed, took wine on “veranda” w/ hubby.

@Stacey5656 Just have fun…relax and take a breather 🙂

@madmomnotodrugs A cocktail sure doesn’t hurt.

@StuffedSuitcase When I go to our 1st attraction, be it theme park or beach I get into vacay mom mode.

@AllishaGold My secrets are to make sure others are doing all the hard work 🙂

@GoudaCheese007 Make time for yourself and spoil yourself for once!

How do you accommodate everyone’s wants on vacay? And try to maintain routines?

@Stacey5656 We really try not to overbook…and just enjoy our time on vacation.

@AllishaGold We try to compromise and get everyone’s ideas as far as wants. Not much routine in our vacation though.

@raisecuriousity As lame as it sounds we try to maintain some basic sched. consistency (meals, breaks) Our kids are bonkers w/o routine.

@monlor Routines go out the window on vacay!

@ChristieLomb We make sure to do activities for each of our kids, my older kids are great about entertaining our toddler.

How do you get ME time on vacay?

@lovethatmouse Having separate space for husband and I to chill after kids are in bed is always great.

@EasyTravelMom I have the best hubby! We give each other ME time by taking kid elsewhere.

@primetimeparent Have husband watch the kids while I go for a spa mani pedi.

@heatheracts Spa day! I love getting in some pampering on vacation

@StuffedSuitcase Suites- Great for quality couple time on family vacations!

What’s the best amenity a hotel can offer to help your family achieve balance?

@EverywhereAmy Necessary items in a hotel when I travel with family – breakfast, pool, wifi, airport transport.

@fce431 A pool, rooms with plenty of space, kitchen.

@StephLuvsDucks Breakfast, pool and a Keurig in the rooms!

@cangoninny Free breakfast and a coffee pot in the room!!

@bamagirlruns Best offer for family harmony?!? Free Coffee for Mom.

@halfcrazymama Mini fridge for sure! I can’t believe some hotels still don’t have it standard and you have to ask and than wait for it to get cold.

@michelle85022 I have got to say a free breakfast, that is a great start to everyones day, and a huge money saver.

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