airportTravelingMom stirred up some strong feelings when we asked during our September 6 Twitter Party: Should families traveling with kids be relegated to a family-only section on planes?

Some moms think it has potential advantages for families flying with kids, such as the built-in support network of other families traveling with kids. But they don’t want to pay more for a families-only section and they want a few perks if they’re going to be stuck in the back of the plane.

And, many noted, the problem isn’t limited to kids. They blame parents who make no attempt to stop their little brat from kicking the back of the seat, screaming incessantly or engaging in some other unacceptable kid behavior. And, they point out, a lot of the rude behavior on planes comes from people well beyond the toddler stage.

“If there is a kids-only section, then they will need to offer pets only section, drunk only, body odor only & overall bad mood area,” tweeted @kimorlando. 


Read on for some hilarious ideas, an insight into how families feel about traveling with kids and the stresses of air travel these days. As @squirrelburrito noted: “I think the problem is, there’s no way to guarantee a good flight. I’ve had the cat, the drunk, the smelly and kids, you never know.”

Should airlines offer family only sections? Why or why not? 

@MintCool Being in family section isn’t always ideal. I’ve been in “de facto” family section w/ my kids and wished I wasn’t. Some parents are nuts. 

@TravelDesigned We are dreaming right? Kid friendly attendant? On a couple of my last flights -I’d been happy if they were nice to me!

But when @TravelDesigned traveled with her grandkids, she didn’t need a family-only section. They were already properly motivated to behave. “Fortunately my grandkids were PERFECT on plane–I threatened them within an inch of their lives & dog poo duty for a YEAR!!

@rolemommy: How about spoiled kids & rude passengers? I’ve run into a few rude adults who needed their own section too.

What would entice you to sit in a family only section?

@mellenhead: If there were bigger seats so your babies could sit on your lap comfortably… coloring books and crayons.

Would you pay extra to sit in the Families Only section? How much?

baby@squirrelburrito I would pay a reasonable premium. Frequent Family Flyer miles would be an amazing program to have available.

@LauralCrum I’m thinking no. I can’t imagine they would allow too many extra privileges, etc., to be worth paying any more

@LuxuryTravelMom I wouldn’t pay extra unless they had baby sitters back there. And shirtless hot stewards and belvedere…then you’ve got me on board

Would you pay extra to be seated AWAY from the FO section? How much?

@LuxuryTravelMom Would it be wrong for me to pay for the no kids section for me & pay up to put my kids back there? Ok, I know it would be.. 

@judy511: I might pay extra to sit away from loud drunks.

What perks should airlines offer to families in the FO section?

@Judy511More legroom, so kids wdn’t kick seat in front. 1st snack service

@ksceviour Movies for kids, good snacks for kids, earplugs!

@supermomplace Changing mats, sippy cup, large catch all disposable bib, steamy towel for ear pressure, drawing pads, Nick Jr

@rolemommy Kids only section should have portable DSi’s and the movie screen should have Wii so they can play Mario Super Party.

@flywithbaby Books! Toys! But I still think it’s unrealistic. Where would they be stored on plane?

@dmorey01: Clean space with mats so they can sit/play on floor & rack of blocks, puzzles, etc

@MintCool : Oh, and unlimited milk! Airlines treat milk as if it were Dom Perignon

Where on the plane should the family-only section be located?

packed_suitcase@mellenhead Near the front. It would be easier to get kids on and off

@judy511 Schlepping is NOT FUN. You are already a pack mule from the minute u leave home. Don’t need more of that!

@LuxuryTravelMom First class, then I’d happily go

@nugglemama The safest place 

@MintCool I don’t care where the family section is. I wouldn’t sit in it. Next.

What are the advantages of a family-only section on planes?

@ChaoticKarma23 More comfort and relaxation for both families and other passengers

@mellenhead No mean stares, no rude comments, less stress

@squirrelburrito It’s a really interesting idea. It may or may not work/help, but I’d appreciate the airlines’ effort instead of a new fee

@CindyRichards: More help from other moms, less disapproving stares from child-hating passengers

@ksceviour Dont have to feel bad about kids bad behavior, more relaxing for the parents.

What would be the disadvantages of a FO section?

@kimorlando Being seated in the row just b4 the section starts!

@judy511: Ghetto-ization of families

@ChaoticKarma23 The only disadvantage of a family only section that I can think of is if they charged for it

@ksceviour: Being stuck there with a really annoying kid!

@arrowsentforth One baby crying might set them all off!

What would be the ideal uniform for the fam-only flight attendant?

This question really got the creative juices flowing—from Mary Poppins ensemble to shirtless (if the flight attendant guys are hot)—but the majority opted for comfortable and machine washable. Oh, with lots of pockets for kiddie surprises and maybe a nice treat for Mom and Dad too.

@mandyOregon Sweats?

@MintCool Pleather

@supermomplace: Bright aprons full of pacifiers, crayons and snacks — stain resistent of course.

@kimorlando Pilot PJs.

@LuxuryTravelMom A holster with shots of tequila for mom, benadryl for kids and maybe some short shorts to keep dad entertained?

@nancyberk I don’t care what they wear as long as I don’t have to wash it.

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