2013 Chevy TraverseOn 4/22 we gathered to talk Family Cars on a Chevy sponsored Twitter party. We covered features (loved and hated), puke, and road side attractions. Read on for tips and video recaps.

What do your kids love/hate about a car on a roadtrip?

@OhioCatfish They hate to be so close to their siblings in the car.

@go2kauai They get antsy when they sit too long. They love listening to their favorite songs and singing.


@mommaof4girlies My girls love being able to control heat/ac in back and have tv/av jacks and chargers for their games.

What tech feature matters most on a roadtrip: Navigation, satellite radio or DVD player?

@Hsquaredliving ABSOLUTELY navigation. Sadly, I can’t live without it now.

What are your roadtrip packing strategies? Hints on supplies to have on hand?

@mommaof4girlies Overpack kids even if I underpack myself. Their happiness on the trip determines mine- tee hee.

@jspd I pack minimally, tightly, and modularly. And you always need the puke bucket kit 🙂

@jeffmarias2001 Bring patience, snacks & Tylenol!

@NikkiMoff a Vomit Kit: plastic bags- in seat backs so kids can reach towels, garbage bag, water bottles & wipes.

@TibsTravel Pack something new, not played with before for each passenger on road trips. Surprise after many miles.

@AndreaGuthmann Wouldn’t be roadtrip without beef jerkey! @Twinlins pack healthy snacks but 1/2 the fun is fast food & junk from gas station.

How much does style matter when buying a family car?

@DisneyMom917 At least 50% important – gotta look good!

@livelovelynn It’s a factor but it’s not as important as safety, durability, gas mileage, etc.

@purplepassion12 It’s nice to travel in style, but safety features are usually considered first & utility.

@DriveMyFamily SO many factors are WAY more important including function, fuel, and overall comfort!

@barblikos For me, I had to hand the pride of car style out the window for functionality.

@dipaolamomma Style is HUGE. I refuse to drive a “Mom Taxi”. I want a street machine, sleek, hip and packed with features.

@ionmyadventure Packing our Suburban or truck – we use Rubbermaid bins to keep our stuff organized, especially when going camping.

 What matters more: the journey or the destination? Why?

@chermarsh3000 The journey, lots of memories are created during it.

@stephanienola It’s so important to enjoy the journey-that’s 1/2 the trip.

What features would be in a cool family car?

@stephanienola I’d love a car that I could hose out- w/ 2 dogs and lots of work travel, our car is a mess.

@beanieweenies1 Big surround sound system, built in TV, recline chairs back & front air controls, 3 row seats.

@NikkiD13 A traveling nanny! Joke…sort of… 😉

@WinningEmily It would be awesome if it cleaned itself. 😉

@livelovelynn An interactive travel guide. The car would give historical info on the town we are driving through.

@go2kauai Energy efficient car- use the sun to power!

@EasyTravelMom Let’s pretend we’re the Jetsons and fly our cars too!

@chaotickarma23 Built-in wi-fi and a dvd player.

@smartypantsmama It vacuums for you, after every trip…even after soccer practice!


*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.