Disney World Spring Break

Photo Credit: Connie Roberts/Disabled TravelingMom

Last Monday, we gathered for our weekly #TMOM Twitter Party to discuss Disney vacation essentials. We asked where was the best place to take your toddler, your favorite songs on your playlist and what was your biggest challenging when capturing a family photo during your vacation.

Here is recap of questions and our favorite answers:

Where is the best place to vacation with toddlers?


Best Answer:  @Sapphiresinjail Somewhere where there’s a daycare for parent break time lol 🙂

@lovethemouse  The beach! Toddlers like to get wet, dig and play on the shore. Walt Disney World has pools that fit the bill perfectly!

@CindyRichards  It’s been awhile since I had toddlers, but the best place to vacation w/ them was at Grandma’s house!

@CarissaRogers  We took toddlers to POLAND of all places, stayed w friends who had mac-n-cheese cheese though (ALL THE DIFFERENCE!)

@bobettacj  Disney by far.

@vampiregoddess8  Local museums like the Please Touch Museum.

@Judy511 Beach resort, or rent a beach house

@eliorahgr_chat   I think beach resorts are great (all-inclusive) or we have a family cabin on a lake that is great too!

@MamasMisson   Disney World!

@09jojo09    Disney OR Tennessee Smokies.

@thisfamtravels  Cruises for sure – food, fun, easy access to your room, pools, scenery! Cruises have it all!

What song on your playlist works for everyone in your family?

Best Answer @Travelermom I was ready to kill the fox by the end of that trip (in response to tweet about “What Does the Fox Say”)

@Melinda74 Anything update on Radio Disney is awesome.

@MamasMission The song “Happy” even the tots know all the words.

@ChrissyDSexton Absolutely anything by The Beach Boys.

@lovernsavers Let it Go—we ALL sing along.

@SPN-Mom  I would say Hey Brother.

@ppre732   Safety Dance LOL!

@09jojo09  My kids love Wrecking Ball.

Where were you when your electronics died, and what did you do?

Best Answer: @blondefabulous  I killed a cell phone with boob sweat. Don’t ask.

@faveplaceSsue  Fell off the pier and into the lake! Was sitting there with 2 yr old staring at it on the bottom, unable to fetch it!

@RWeThereYetMom   iPhone died while looking for hotel in CA last summer – had to use a paper map! gasp!

@CindyRichards  At the airport trying to find my husband who was picking me up.

@travelermom   A cruise to Alaska- couldn’t take more amazing pictures. My charger wouldn’t charge my camera battery.

@rychepet   I don’t think any of my electronics died…just the batteries! Grrr!

@triwivesclub  In a zodiac at the WC Ironman start, when I remembered my battery was still in the room”charging.

@CarissaRogers ON OUR HONEYMOON our camera died (20yrs ago no digital) can you imagine?

@TeresaShaw   The electronics always die in the car on a long road trip. What happens? Chaos. Mutiny. Tears.

@rychepet  Worst—in Hawaii and went to change rolls and realized I had NO film in the camera…argh!

@lovernsavers    Batteries on camera died when visiting St Augustine – had to find a store QUICK!

@4jlessad   Mine died when using Skype so I missed seeing a graduation of a family member.

What is your biggest photo vacation challenge?

@SheBuysCars       Getting in the pic w/my fam. But w/ #LumixLounge my PHONE is a remote!

@Nupur_Ghosh       My camera fell into the bay when I was kayaking.

@Travelermom       Taking night time or low-light pictures.

@TripsWithTykes    Trying to photograph 9 cousins under the age of 5 at a family reunion. No one would stay still!

@lovernsavers       Getting my kids together to take the pic and look happy about it.

@AmyCamin         Getting everyone to smile and look at the camera! Impossible!

Share your best family vacation photo and where it was taken.

@4jlessad   We always took the same place pic— the entrance to Wilderness Lodge. Seeing the kids change is priceless.

@travelermom   My favorite vacation photo was taken in Kissimmee—shows the personality of my kids.

@triwivesclub    Hired a photographer to go with us camping capturing pics in yellowstone and jacksonhole. Best thing we did.

@Nupur_Ghosh  My fave was a pick with Nemo.

@lovernsavers   River Walk in San Antonio.

What special effects do you wish your camera had?

Best Answer:  @MamasMission Making me look skinny!

@aprilsprg  A flash because I use my iPad.

@FiveMenandALady  The ability to freeze my sons. Lol!

@autiglobetrot  Watermarking!

@SPN_Mom   Better lighting.

@Teronya    There is also a GREAT stabilization feature – helps the shakiest of hands, like mine. (about the Panasonic Lumix camera)

@vampiregoddess   No bad picture effect… takes a bad picture and makes it look like you intended it to! lol, idk!

@Mrs_Sendejas    Make my kids actually smile.

@medarcie    Scratch ‘n’ sniff would be pretty awesome!

Thank you to all of you that joined us for our Twitter Party. Be sure and join us each Monday at 9 pm EST!