disney fireworksOn April 8th, we gathered to chat about Disney. We covered everything from trips with babies to adult only trips. Read on to see what our Twitter fans had to say about Disney travel.

What are your tips for taking a baby or toddler to Disney?

@Lsalisbury24 When you stay at WDW resort you get extended hours in the park which can equate to more nap time.

@runitbymom Stroller and plenty of food!


@elleinthecity Don’t try to do it all. Make sure you have time to just relax and see Disney thru your kids eyes.

@2courtney Bring a baby carrier, utilize the Baby Care Centers, keep them hydrated and schedule downtime!

@bzzingmom A good stroller, plenty of snacks, a change of clothes, and a full sippy cup!

@LoveThatMouse Start early-hit the parks before the crowds. Take it slow. Return to the resort for a NAP!

@SocialSavvyMom My toddlers loved going to Disney World, even if they don’t remember. We have such fun going through pics.

What are your tips for taking school-aged kids to Disney?

@WDWJill Use Youtube to preview more intense rides and talk about what will happen.

@blondefabulous -Have a game plan, but make sure there is some flexibility. You never know when your kid will change their mind!

@runningdisney Make sure you establish a plan so each one gets to do the attraction they want to. No one gets left out.

@jetsetfam Get there early in the a.m., pool it during the afternoon, & head back to the park around dinner time (no lines).

@DisneyinaTweet Remember that your kids can be early or late dayers…just plan your park visits according to THEIR strengths.

@StephenAlmberg We downloaded a copy of the Disney map and picked “safe” places to go if lost.

@EllieSiegel29 Definitely let the kids make some of the decisions and try some I’d the fun/education attractions at Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

@LaniMSays Make sure to pick a meeting place if anyone gets lost & remember that they get tired from all the walking so breaks are key.

@JacquiC13 Challenge kids to find a curriculum connection. My kids love to tell me how Disney links to their studies.

What are the best things to do with tweens or teens at Disney?

@runningdisney The more adventurous rides at Hollywood Studios are always a hit. Tower of Terror, Rock N Roller coaster, Star Tours.

@bzzingmom Have a plan on where to go if you get separated, and make sure cell phones are charged.

@mommy3sons Let them sleep in, go later and stay till the parks close.

@AdisneyFamly My tweens & teens went off together for the 1st time last year & had a blast, just being able to do what they wanted to do.

What’s your favorite Disney food?

@nicbran74 The turkey legs.

@2Courtney The Mickey-shaped beignets at New Orleans Square. ALL beignets should be Mickey-shaped beignets 😉

@lovethatmouse Mickey bars!

@AspirantLiving Oh my gosh. My favorite Disney foods in until 140 characters? You must be joking.

@DisneyProLynn Dole Whip!!

@BzzingMom I love the DOLE pineapple floats!!! 🙂

@jspd OMG the DOLE pineapple floats in Magic Kingdom!! I would pay to get into Disney just to get those!

@blondefabulous DOLEWHIPS!!!!! OMG SO ADDICTING!

@HmschoolDisney Seasonal treats and carrot cake cookies sandwiches.

What are your tips for doing Disney with disabilities?

@bwillequer30 My mom has a disability and she goes with us. Be sure to bring a wheel chair and take lots of breaks. She still enjoys going.

@momochomperjail Always call ahead to see what types of accommodations there are and just have fun 🙂

@DisneyProLynn Ask for help if you need it! Disney cast members are the best & will always help!

@blondefabulous RESEARCH! Find out all info you need to navigate the parks easily. Also, ask cast members for help!

@runningdisney My sister in law is in a wheelchair and we find that cast members are so helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about procedure.

@AdisneyFamly Depends on disability, My Autism spectrum kids always did great w/ headphones or earplugs to help w/ the loud fireworks.

@HmSchoolDisney Best tips for disabilities. Set a pace that everyone will enjoy

What are the best things to do at Disney without kids?

@nycmartini Enjoy all the big kid rides.

@kjmaje I never had the opportunity to go without the kids!

@lovernsavers Stay in your hotel room and make out until it’s time for fireworks.

@MaryBethBlanton This answer might involve the hotel too! No, I would say Roller coasters. My kid hates em!

@DisneyProLynn Best things to do at Disney w/out kids? Smile at all the people dealing with tantrums and meltdowns as you walk on by!

@kwilson887 Eat at a fancy restaurant like Blue Bayou

@runningdisney Eat at great more adult restaurants. Bluezoo, Albert and Victorias. California Grill. Brown Derby

@DisneyMom917 Without the kids, I spend more time enjoying the food, architecture & scenery.

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