ameiliaislandSome of the best places in America are in Hawaii. No surprise there. But there are plenty of others across the country–Savannah, St. Louis, New Mexico and Indianapolis, to name few. And then there is Boring, Oregon. 

All of those places were singled out during our October 11 TravelingMom Twitter Party when we asked: What discoveries have you made in America? honor of Columbus Day.

Our twitterers told us food surprises, favorite places and even shared some of their hidden gems. Here’s a recap of all the fun:

What’s the best place you’ve ever discovered in America?


@DinaJ: Kauai, Hawaii! Pure Paradise.

@theculturemom: I’m crazy about San Francisco.

@HittheRoadca: New Mexico. Especially the North.

@GoBig_GoHome: I would vote for the Hudson Valley even if I didn’t live here! Especially this time of year…gorgeous foliage, mountains, river…

@CindyRichards: Do I have to pick just one? Biggest surprises were Indianapolis, Albuquerque, Savannah and St. Louis

What’s the worst place you ever discovered in America?

@ciesla504: Brownsville, TX! Will never forget, worst vacation our family ever took.

@dianarowe: I use the adage, I’ll try a travel destination once, give it another chance, but then three times I get it.

@mandyOregon: We have a town called Boring, Oregon…the name speaks for itself.

What’s the most touristy place in America? What do you like about it?

@trisha71478: Disney World and I love it for the children. Good clean fun!

Disney was the #1 answer for most touristy. But there were a few others…

disney@worldshoppe: Other than Disney, has to be LA for me. Can live without LA except they do have nice shopping on Melrose Ave.

@CindyRichards: Tough choice, but I’d have to say Wisconsin Dells. But I love all the entrepreneurs there. And Noah’s Ark Waterpark.

@DinaJ: I do love NYC! Broadway, Manhattan, Serendipity, bagels, etc

What is worth discovering in your town?

These twitterers love their hometowns….

@trisha71478: I live in Houston and think that BBQ is worth discovering in my town!

@thegeekwife: I live in an amazing town: Birmingham, AL. Great food, music, Railroad Park, lots of green spaces, 2 Botanical Gardens Zoo

@CindyRichards: I love Chicago (all but winter)—the lakefront, museums, theatre, food, And free stuff too.

@arrowssentforth: The world’s largest children’s museum is in Indianapolis. Not only BIG, but AMAZING!

@edenjoy: Brooklyn all over! Lovin’ “Brucie” new in Cobble Hill- yum, inventive food, local and they taught my daughter to make fresh pasta

Where did you discover the best food in America? What was it?

@LuxuryTravelMom: Best food in America is San Francisco there is not a single restaurant besides the tourist traps that isn’t AMAZING!

@kailey2004: Cheeseburger Cheesburger in Hunstville, Alabama

@SMLCFH: North Carolina BBQ!

@flywithbaby: Mesa, AZ has amazing Mexican cuisine. This is making me hungry!

What’s your best kept secret?

@ciesla504: Esch Beach/Otter Creek near Empire MI Shhh!!!

@VintageTen: Snacks on a trip make everyone happy!

@CruiseBuzz: the beach front cottages at Crystal Cove State Park. Lottery the first of every month. Amazing. Historic.

@edenjoy: Mexican Hat, Utah. One stoplight town with less than 100 people. Cool motel and a famous “swinging steak”!

@kymri: Ok…the best months to visit San Diego are October and February. Seriously. Summer is overcast and June is gloomy and crowded!

@DinaJ: Hamura Saimin Stand in Lihue, Hawaii. You sit at a big table with locals. So good. Lilikoi pie there is amazing!

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