summer reading beachWe gathered to talk all-inclusive vacations on our April 29th Traveling Mom twitter party. Do they really save money? Do you love them? Do you hate them? And really- how is the food? Our fans answered this and more.

What’s the best/worst thing about an all-inclusive resort?

@CantonCathy Best is I don’t worry about carrying wallet and extra fees. Worst not always enough food options.


@rwethereyetmom Worst about all-inclusive – feeling you have to try everything to “get your monies worth”!

@carissarogers Best: Less planning to do. Worst: Can feel very repetitive (doing the same thing every day).

@nicbran74 Best was not having to worry about carrying money for food or drinks. Worst is I ate too much 🙂

@jdnorthwest Best for budgeting. Variety is perhaps not as good.

@maryheston LOVE LOVE LOVE All-Inclusives. You can truly be on vacation – No Worries.

@CindyRichards Best: You know how much it will cost. Worst: You don’t want to leave the resort & be a tourist.

What are you willing to pay more for at an all-inclusive?

@kymri If it’s truly an all-inclusive, then I would not expect to pay more for anything. Except gratuities, assuming they’re well-earned!

@zwietogo I wish I could find an all-inclusive resort that includes rounds of golf also.

@furrykarma I hate having to tip at all-inclusives. Would rather pay more and not have to carry any money around.

@judy511 Spa treatments, excursions

@EasyTravelMom Definitely the outings. Rather pay one lump sum upfront to include 1-2 outings minimum & choose upon arrival.

@AnatheaT Reserved lounge chairs by the pool or beach! 😉

@climbwithkids Spa, seafood, top shelf liquor…

What do you look for in an all-inclusive?

@twokidsandamap I want activities that will give us things to do as a family, not just kid’s clubs.

@Gods_Smile Comfortable accommodations! Kid friendly and entertainment for the whole family.

@kymri Bronzed cabana boys???

@kittywas Clean, no food poisoning reports.

@travelermom Plenty of activities for both me & my teens. Comfy accomodations.

All-inclusive cruise or resort? Why?

@AnitaUtami Cruise. I like being in the open sea.

@allierose Depends on the area of the big vast Earth.

@jennihilton Resort. No set dinner times, dress codes.

@kimorlando OH! I can’t overthink the cruise thing – being out in a huge body of water w no land in sight.

@EasyTravelMom Usually cruises don’t include alcohol or excursions & both are definites when on cruise. I guess resorts.

@DanRMorris I haven’t gotten my nerve up to go on a cruise. What if you get seasick on day 1?

Do all-inclusives do a good job of accomodating special needs?

@barblikos Disney’s Fantasy would likely work well for #specialneeds. I have not been on it with my son but did preview cruise.

@CantonCathy I think when allergies are life threatening and there is no easy exit like flying we need to better accom. Allergies.

@CantonCathy My girlfriend has done Disney cruise & land holiday 2x and her son has nut allergies & she thought they were great.

@kimorlando I know that Disney cruises do a great job with food allergies on a cruise or at the parks.

@Teronya @DisneyCruise does great job at accommodating dietary needs requests!

How do you keep from gaining 10 pounds when it’s all included?

@jeffmarias2001 Enjoy yourself but in moderation. Don’t pass something up new and interesting for less calories. Take a few nibbles.

@maryheston Practice before you leave. OR bring loose clothes OR Don’t Care.

@EasyTravelMom On a cruise, do the stairs up & down the entire time. at resort, walk A LOT! Most I’ve gained was 3 lbs which was manageable.

@Teronya Put on my bathing suit first thing in the A.M.!

@TibsTravel Since food so delightful on holiday, maybe “all-inclusive” needs to include the gym back at home!

@CindyRichards Ten pounds shmed pounds. It’s a vacation! Eat now. Diet later.

@RweThereYetMom Don’t worry about it! I’m on VACATION! I can lose it when I get home!

@TeresaShaw Don’t eat it all! Eat like you would if you were paying for it and take advantage of resort activities – swim, bike, etc.

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.