familytravelLabor Day is here, the last great 3 day weekend of the summer. Is Labor Day—or any other 3 day weekend, for that matter—enough time to squeeze in a mini family vacation? Or is it better to just stay home and celebrate with a family BBQ at home?

Whether it’s visiting relatives, searching for last minute family travel deals or packing up for a road trip, our travelingmoms all agree that 3-day weekends are about relaxing and not overdoing it. During our August 28 TravelingMom Monday Twitter Party, #TMOM, twitterers shared some of their Labor Day and 3 day weekend tips.

Their key points:


1. If you’ve only got three days, make the most of the time that you have. Don’t waste too much time traveling to the destination so you have enough time to relax once you arrive.

2.  If you’re flying, pack light. Aim for one carry-on per every two people to ensure you’ll find room in the overhead bins. You don’t want to waste precious moments at the baggage claim. And book an early flight on the way out and a late flight on the way home to squeeze every availlable minute out of the trip.

3. If you’re driving, limit the trip to three hours or less. Plan for traffic.  Keep it simple.  Over scheduling will leave you feeling just as stressed as you were before you left.

Q1: How do you celebrate Labor Day?

@theculturemom: We are going to Philadelphia for the 3-day weekend.

@seaportboston: One last trip to the Cape

Some prefer a quiet weekend at home…

@LLLSummer: BBQ and relaxing.

@PlumSage: Staying home means BBQ.

@judy511: Veggie dogs on the grill.

Q2: What’s your secret to a fun 3-day weekend?


All of our moms agree its best to keep a 3 day weekend family vacation sweet and simple…

@justicecw: Having some time to relax!

@LuxuryTravelMom: My secret to a fun 3-day weekend is not planning too much.

@SarahBHawaii: My secret to a fun 3 day weekend is not to overdue it. Don’t drive too far or plan too much. Keep it easy and light.

Q3: What is your favorite road trip destination on a 3-day weekend?


@LLLSummer: the beach!

@darlynnmorgan: Our family lakehouse.

@pontowd: Brandson, Missouri has a lake, attractions and water parks…best place for a long weekend.

@SMLCFH: Gramma’s house J

@LuxuryTravelMom: We like to go to my best friend’s house in Bethlehem, PA. We go to Dorney Park, do the rides AND water park. Super clean and fun.


Q4: How do you keep everyone happy in the car on a road trip?

@SusieKline: Valium for me; Benadryl for them!

@theculturemom: Bring lots of water and drinks.

@bctripletmom: Look at scenery…cows, horses, farms, grass, corn, soy, cotton, others

One mom makes a great point…

@kimorlando: Impossible, so just accept and go anyway.

Q5: What’s your family’s favorite road trip game?


@BloggyMoms: We play a lot of “I Spy”.

@PlumSage: My girls used to play slug bug, and it got a little crazy in the back seat! lol!

Q6: Is there a limit to how far you’ll travel on a 3-day weekend?


@JorgeCollazo: 3 hours top

@CindyRichards: No more than 3 hours drive. Any longer and all you do is drive.

@MeaganFrancis: I think my tolerance for length of road trips is longer than most since my dad absolutely refused to fly EVER when I was growing up.

@Mary_Rarick: You should never spend more time on the road than you do at the destination.

Three hours was the average time, but some won’t turn down an adventure just because of the journey to get there…

@vkearns: We’ll go any distance if we all agree it’s going to be fun and worth it.


Q7: Would you fly somewhere for a long weekend? Why or why not?

@AlexCaseyBaby: I’m headed to Vegas Thurs-Sun. So, yes!

@cruiseJess: Flying away for three days is no big deal to me- love to pick up and go- plan or no plan- always fun! Southwest is great for that.

Some moms disagree with flying because of the lack of time…

@justicecw: Probably not…just not enough time to fly.

@vkearns: I really prefer to drive so wouldn’t plan to fly for a long weekend.


Q8: How do you find last minute travel deals on holidays like Labor Day?

@CountryInnClive: Last minute travel deals are there! Look on the web, call the hotel.

@LuxuryTravelMom: I’ve never tried for last minute deals. I can’t plan for the grocery store last minute let alone a trip!!

@kscevior: the internet

@pontowd: The computer is my friend…and I love to look on Orbitz.

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