Travelingmom Twitter Party: Road Trip Stories, Tips and TricksThis week’s Travelingmom (TMOM) Twitter party asked participants to share what they loved (or hated) about road trips, as well as tips and stories about how to handle upcoming ones. We had a blast chatting with you, and have siphoned our favorite responses.

Q. What’s your dream road trip car?

Collective answers: Nissan Murano, Chevy Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, in an RV (minus the gas cost), Toyota RAV4, Toyota Sienna, Chevy Traverse, Ford Escape or a Honda Pilot.

My dream road trip car is one that is big enough for the kids not to be able to reach out and touch each other. -Teresa Shaw

My dream road trip car comes with a driver—not me. -TibTravels

Anywhere there is not internet service.-DebbiPapay

Q. What have you forgotten to pack? What happened?

I travel pretty light. As long as I pack a credit card, I can deal w/ anything I happen to forget.” -Cindy Richards

Birth control. Kids 1/2 yrs apart. -Judy511

My camera battery-don’t ask how much that cost at DisneyWorld. -fymerydabozo

Phone charger and laptop charger….we had to stop and buy a phone charger, no luck with the laptop. -CraziMomof2boys

My asthma meds! I had to run to CVS to get refills. I couldn’t believe I forgot them! -jadisqueen

On our last road trip, I packed two sandals- that didn’t match. Had to wear my thick hiking shoes w/ everything. – travelermom

Undies! Rushed to store when we arrived. -melinda74

Realized the big bag w/all the girls’ clothes was in the mudroom. -KidsUnplugged

Q. What/where is the weirdest roadside attraction you have stopped to see?

My dad would stop at snake farms when we lived in Texas. -JustPiddlinBlog

We stopped at a small Elvis museum in Florida. I LOVE Elvis! -jadisqueen

Mother Jones’ grave marker in Mt. Olive IL.-CindyRichards

Land of the lost dinosaur world in Michigan’s Irish Hills -GeekDad248

Accord NY is the worlds largest Gnome. -kjh63

Coon Dog Cemetery in Alabama. -travelermom

The world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas! -AdventurousMoms

Q. What did you learn the hard way on a road trip?

That replacing a missing hub cap is more expensive than you would think!- jadisqueen

To not go too far with a new baby-CraziMomOf2Boys

My friend gave choc milk to queasy kid-judy511

Q. What’s the most creative way that you have entertained kids while in the car?

Usually snacks, books and movies do the trick! -marleykristin

We recorded 10 hours of Teletubbies to entertain the 18 month old on an 18 hour road trip. lovernsavers

Lots of electronics with little i’s in front of them. iPad, iPhone, iPod, lol but we had mandatory unplugged time too!- jadisqueen

Q. What’s on your road trip bucket list?

Following Route 66 from Chicago to Arizona. I’d rather fly. -CindyRichards

I have Facebook friends I want to meet in person. -kjh63

Drive to the Florida Keys. -DebbiPapay

Exploring Lincoln Highway and the Coastal Trail. -travelermom

San Francisco to Napa and Boston to Maine/NY to NC. -AnujaDeSilva

West coast hugging the ocean. SantaBarbara to top of USA. -TibsTravel