happy_familyToddlers can be entertaining. And irritating. Traveling with toddlers can be a challenge. And incredibly entertaining. Like the toddler who stripped naked at the museum.

We talked about the best destinations for toddlers and some great advice for an unforgettable trip during our April 25 #TMOM Monday Twitter Party devoted to questions about traveling with toddlers.

What is the most important thing to remember when traveling with tots?


@WorkMomTravels: Most important thing to remember is toddlers have their own minds. They will disagree, revolt, and let you know their opinion!

@mzelma: Talk to them and prepare them for the “adventure”…what you will see, what you expect of them, etc…

@zwei2go: The most important thing was to remember to let her take naps as she would do at home.


What are your must pack items for traveling with toddlers?


@tripsbymanny: Chocolate…lots of chocolate…for the grown-ups!

@4evamamii: Wipes and a lot of them!

@WorkMomTravels: Must haves when travel with toddler: wipes (of course), crayons, iPod/similar device with games, extra clothes.


What are the best destinations to travel with tots?


@zebastyandylan: We did San Antonio last July 4th. The Alamo was great and so was Riverwalk…kids had a great time.

@bcherry82: We love the beach…lots of fun in the sun! Call me crazy, but I would rather fly than drive anywhere with a toddler.

@KellyDeanOttawa: Places that have indoor and outdoor activities geared to toddlers- and some activities you’ll like too.


What’s the funniest thing your kid said or did on vacation?


@bcherry82: He was 3 and saw me in a bikini with stretch marks and said, “Mama, I never knew you were attacked by a lion.”


@chickadeeprints: “Let’s just order room service” from my son when wondering what we should have for dinner. Spoiled much? Or too much travel?

@nancyberk: Son had “free” soda card on cruise. Didn’t pay attention. Gained so much weight he couldn’t fit into his pants for return.

@TheNewToy: I found my son at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum by following the trail of clothes- naked in a racecar? Yep.

@travelwbella: Funniest thing said on holiday: “Wow, look at the moon- next vacation can we go there?”


How do you make travel with tots also a vacation for parents?

@TheNewToy: Seriously, bring the grandparents- they’ll think it’s the best present ever- you get to have a mini vacay.

@kimorlando: Don’t try to combine romantic trip and family vacation in one trip- keep expectations simple.

@KellyDeanOttawa: For traveling with toddlers, I like to get hotels with a kitchen or partial to have the ability to have food they want when they want it.

@flywithbaby: Travel with friends who have kids the same age and take turns going out at night.


What are your tips for leaving tots at home when you travel?

@Melissa3841: Write down your entire schedule. It will keep baby on track and help out the nanny.

@anneatcsuite: Emailing home from Lithuania was great! Today I could just skype with the kids!

@WeekendInParis: When grandparents babysit, book them babysitter to have their own night off.