Traveling with cancer or traveling to see a loved one fighting cancer can be a hard trip to take. We discussed the logistics and the idea of traveling to live life to the fullest on our October 22nd Twitter party. We covered healthy snacks, ways we support the fight against cancer (along with our sponsor @SunChips), and what is on our bucket list. Read on for a recap of some of the night’s conversation.

Where have you traveled to live life to the fullest?

@cheer4bison I took my husband and son to Germany with Adventures by Disney to explore our heritage. Best trip ever!

@sweetmatcha I loved snowboarding and hiking in the Poconos.

@LoriLeal1 Good food is a MUST when traveling!!

@barblikos I think anywhere you travel you are living life to its fullest. Travel expands the heart.

@birdbanter Disney is DEFINITELY a healing place!

@ramblingstump I climbed Mt. Washington solo a few times & there is something magical & meditative about the solo hike.

@CindyRichards Any place I travel helps me live life to the fullest. Just the act of travel means I’m fully alive.

How is travel healing for you?

@rychepet_jail Travel creates memories that will last a lifetime!

@MOMishStyle Open road is so peaceful and calming! It’s a chance to clear your mind.

@MaryHeston Travel is rejuvinating & inspiring. Then I love coming home – travel makes home even better.

@lovethatmouse Travel is healing in the way it brings our family together in ways that just don’t happen in everyday life.

@Yionanta Help to to relax, enjoy,give me healing the mind, body,and soul! Get’s me re-charged to go back to work.

@AndiAnswers Travel is always the ultimate expression of hope. It says, “I’m planning for the future!”

Where have you traveled to honor or support someone with cancer?

 @wanderingiphone Traveled to west coast to be there for my cousin as she went to her 1st oncology appts. Surprised her.

@DebMomof3 Haven’t had to travel for cancer support, but has been so inspiring to read our panelists’ stories this week.

@mommy3sons Our family traveled to Myrtle Beach for a week right after my husband was diagnose w/stomach cancer.

@AndiAnswers Daughter of breast cancer survivor and bone marrow donor to bro w/ leukemia, we pack up to go ANYWHERE often!

@AskWifey To Chicago where I ran my 2nd marathon to raise money to fight cancer. It was amazing.

@lovethatmouse I’m running the WDW Marathon with @NoahsLight in honor of my brother & the race is on what would’ve been his 25th birthday.

@ljcooney3 I traveled to FL years ago when my Mom fought this fight!

@bbpinktaz My hubby went on Harley road trip w/ his dad while battling cancer!

What is your go-to healthy travel snack?

@thiscantbereal Fruit, granola bars and Sun Chips. I absolutely LOVE Sun chips!

@jasfields Grapes, Carrots, Celery, Apples and Chips and cheese sticks.

@centralFLgaljL I keep fruit and veggies in cooler for kids.

@CindyRichards Love frozen grapes. Like little popsicles. Helps keep cooler cool too.

@go2kauai Dried cranberries, cherries, blueberries, almonds, cashews, cheese sticks, ginger chews.

@SheBuysCars Love travel snacks I can feel good about: Starbucks, local foods, fresh fruit, salty snacks.

How could travel be more accommodating to people with medical challenges?

@tibstravel Endorse all resting room comments. Saw that work well in Doha airport; need in USA. Calm , subdued light, healing.

@smilejoylove Maybe half of the itinerary each day would be a rest period for them to take a nap/rest.

@sweetmatcha They should have their own lines at the airport and assistance with luggage when going on and off.

@freelikebirdie More accommodating resting rooms where people can actually lay down.

@alittlebiteof Wheel chair assistance, upgrades to larger seats on the plane, special meal requests.

@melinda74 More plug outlets in rooms for med equipment.

@askwifey Discretion, compassion and accommodating are things that come to mind.
How does dreaming about bucket list travel inspire you?

@runitbymom Makes me grateful that I can even think about a vacation.

@ChaoticKarma23 It reminds me there is so much out there to experience.

@Mrs_Riot1 It inspires me to save more money so that I can actually complete it!

@AnitaUtami It gives you fuel to keep going to places you want to go. Mine is Maldives 🙂

@christielomb It helps me set goals for places that I want to visit.

@CauriePutnam Dreaming about bucket list travel is one of the ways I pass time on runs. It’s so much fun and motivates me.

@WorldTravelMom I try not to “dream” about it too much but rather figure out how I can put it in action.

@smilejoylove It makes you really put a priority on your dreams, that life is short – go for it!

@weekendscount Bucket list travel enables our family to spend time with our growing toddler! She loves travel and hotels!

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.