Family travel can be rewarding but tricky at times. With a network of writers covering all things family travel, TravelingMom has you covered with tips and tricks in multiple categories. On September 23rd we gathered for our weekly Twitter travel chat to talk travel tips and celebrate the release of our FREE ebook 101 Family Travel Tips. We covered tips from the book and also learned some great new ones. What is your best travel tip?

How do you use Ziploc bags when you travel?

@megy Large ones for sweaty workout clothes.


@Pure_Wander They are great for separating dirty laundry from clean! Can even be labeled for daily outfits for kids.

@DebMomof3 We use them for snacks – cheaper to buy big bag & divide than buy individual-sized ones.

@PaulEisenberg Gallon Ziploc gr8 to put in seat pocket in front of u; shove your stuff in it, grab whole bag when you deplane.

@S_thirtymommy For snacks, Legos, play doh, travel size stuff, chargers.

What tips do you have for getting kids to help when you travel?

@lucasjmom Get teens to load the traveling info into the GPS.

@twinlins Tell them they’ll be naked if they don’t pack?? Oh wait, that might backfire.

@ballenger1313 Make it sound like a project/mission.

@BeckyAdventure I would rather them NOT help. Control freak.

@ivytraveler Involve them in the budget and choosing the activities for the day.

@Ann_travels My oldest is almost 3 and he likes to pack and also figure out where everything is in the hotel room.

@Pure_Wander Kids are adaptable and wanting to please. Practice routine & communicate before leaving, get them excited and ready!

What’s your best hotel tip?

@hchybinski Be nice, say thank you & let them know you are having a great time.

@birdbanter My best hotel tip is to always bring a power cord. We can then plug everything in by the bed that we need!

@TeresaShaw Book a suite – you will never regret having the extra room when you travel with kids.

@jennyq Take sanitizing wipes and wipe down remote!

@BeckyAdventure Don’t skip Mom & Pop hotels. They are often the BEST!

@jdnorthwest If you travel with kids ask about the pool, they don’t care of about anything else.

@iDreamofJenn Be nice to the people who have the power to make your stay more pleasant.

@ramblingstump Always check prices with & w/out AAA. For some brands it isn’t always cheaper.

What’s your best tip for saving $$ when you travel?

@soon2bewedd Plan ahead some activities are cheaper when you book early.

@CarpeCalamus Research amenities ahead of time to be sure you get free breakfast, free parking, free transfers, etc.

@conniefoggles Look online for promo codes and coupons for hotels, attractions, restaurants.

@Saving4Jewels Check the nights where Kids Eat FREE!!

@furrykarma We take red eye flights if we are traveling somewhere far–save a night in hotel room.

@erodg Best tip for saving $$- Check back with your rental car b4 your trip. Price will almost always decline…

@travelbugbaby Hotel tip: call and ask if they are renovating or if construction going on outside. Seriously!

@DanielleLeitch Consider Club Floor or Concierge Level room -Review what’s included against cost for ala carte items. Many times it’s better deal.

What’s your best roadtrip tip?

@SFJ49 Prepare to stop every now and again for something that’s interesting, it maybe worth it.

@bbpinktaz Bring plenty of books, games, videos to keep kids busy.

@DebMomof3 Pack variety for kids to do- electronics, notebooks & pencils, crayons, books, snacks, games, etc. & take lots of rest breaks!

@ChicGiselle Stop at interesting stops even if unplanned.

@PatterTravelers A small cooler between the seats works great!

@MeaganShamy Download an app that tells you where the nearest toilets are!

@Ballenger1313 Call shotgun.

@judy511 Don’t ignore that ‘funny’ sound from car.

Who gave you the best travel tip? What was it?

@mainorton Dress up your kids when you travel everyone loves a kid in a blazer.

@Pure_Wander When I left the country for the 1st time, on my 1st day, passport stolen. My mom said “Relax, things happen. Part of the journey.”

@sweetserenebbli My Dad. Always check fluids, tires and hoses on car before traveling.

@redfuzzycow My mom always told me to make a list of everything that i packed so i can crosscheck and not leave anything behind.

@conniefoggles My parents who tried to travel with us as often as possible. Taught me how amazing travel is.

@sweetmatcha Grandma, always put extra jackets in the car.

@lucasjmom My parents, by example. We always traveled at night. My brother and I slept the entire way. No fighting no fuss.

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.