Travel Mistakes

Photo credit: Born Londoner via Wiki Commons

On the way home the other night, our roving reporter, Paul Eisenberg, editor of, noticed two women chatting at an outdoor sidewalk café in New York City. Nothing unusual about catching up with a friend on a crisp fall evening and certainly nothing wrong with it, either.

Except for one thing.
A wallet, achingly and visibly plump with money and ID cards, was sitting smack in the middle of their café table. Easily grabbable by one of the thousands of people who were streaming by on what even the quietest of days is one of the busiest cities in the world.
Wow, our roving reporter thought, that’s just dumb.
Were these diners out-of-towners oblivious to the dangers of leaving a wallet so exposed? Or were these locals so accustomed to the ebb and flow of their city that they considered themselves immune from thievery?
You know, our roving reporter thought, it really doesn’t matter whether they were tourists or locals. Stupid is as stupid does and the more our reporter thought about it, the more he realized that he sees people doing devil-may-care stuff like this all the time at restaurants, hotels, airports, attractions and on busy streets everywhere. Stupid things that left these travelers vulnerable to thieves and other bad guys. Stuff that our reporter had learned the hard way that he shouldn’t do himself.
If you ever notice travelers doing dumb stuff like this and have been guilty of doing it too, join us at 9pm ET on Sept. 22 to share the dumbest stuff you’ve seen or done while traveling. We’re certain we’ll all learn something…
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