TP4, 4/19/12, 1:44 PM, 16C, 3910x2560 (1363+2688), 100%, bent 5 stops,  1/80 s, R71.5, G52.0, B50.9Going on vacation requires planning. Booking of airfare, hotel rooms, planning activities, checklists, packing, renting a car…. it’s a whirlwind of plans and plan b’s. And when you get there you want to relax, have fun and look good. We gathered to chat about our favorite jewelry finds and how to protect jewelry while traveling on our July 21st twitter party. Read on for tips and tricks on how to travel with jewelry.

What are your favorite fashion accessories when you travel? What pieces?

@Nupur_Ghosh My bracelets, small earnings, a nice sleek necklace.

@LuisPatVazquez I always have to have my bangle bracelets!!! And tons of earrings!!

@Starrfire1228 I go with a staple of clothes a couple casual, one nice dress and shoes- and a necklace that is nice but not expsv.


@tarametblog I’m all about packing the bling to dress-up an outfit while traveling, its part of the escape.

@sixfortheroad My sunglasses and a pretty pair of earrings.

@Zumba_KatieNB I always have a bracelet my dad gave me, and a couple pairs of earings.

@birdbanter My fave pieces I always travel with are my @TobyPomeroy silver hoop earrings. They go with everything!

How do you pack your jewelry when you travel?

@barblikos A velvet roll works nicely.

@Zumba_KatieNB I typically wear the jewelry I take with me. If I bring an extra set, I wrap them in clothes.

@TEXASMOM2THREE In ziploc bags in a make up bag that zips up. I try to keep it really protected!

Have you purchased jewelry on a trip? Where & what was it?

@alliberman Traveled 50 countries & bought & worn some really good jewelry in every one!

@VisitClintonCty Nice way to remember trips and make your trips meaningful (purchasing locally made jewelry).

@WorldTravelMom Really makes you remember the place when it’s local and handcrafted.

@PhilaTravelGirl Jewelry is the only souvenir I buy myself support local artists- great memories from around the world.

How do you safeguard your jewelry when you travel?

@stephen_radford I never thought about this (jewelry insurance) before but the several thousands I’ve spent on my wife it’s worth it.

@travelingmoms Great @PerfectCircleJM travel tip ALWAYS make a list of jewelry you brought- 2 copies, 1 w you.

@mommy3sons I use a hotel safe.

@nonprofitjessie I don’t bring a lot & I make it versatile so I am usually wearing it all!

@4jlessad I try to wear it and not bring more than I can wear at once.

@mgmigt I hide in my luggage, like in my sock rolls. I never leave in my bags or lying around.

@autiglobetrot When I do travel w/ jewelry I wear a money belt.

What is your must pack jewelry item? Why do you love it? Share a pic!

@AMomof2Beauties My beautiful heart necklace hubby gave me.

treasure bow ring tweet

@brdk620 My pandora bracelet. I love that each charm has a special meaning. Most given by family.

@kittylover1313 It’s a bracelet my daughter got me for Mothers Day.

bali necklace

Ever lost a piece of jewelry while traveling? What was it? Were you able to replace it?

@haboorymadebera Yes! 18K Diamond ring and never found it

@momendeavors No, but my aunt lost her wedding ring in the ocean. That inspired me to insure mine!

@murntraci My grandmothers ruby ring:( I still get upset every time I think about it .

@fkat727 Yes, I lost a diamond ring that was given to me from a relative. On a beach, never replaced.

@judy511 Kid left Tiffany necklace in hotel in Italy. Gone.

@do_it_all_moms Yes lost my wedding band down the hotel drain.They dug it out for me.they were very nice about it.

@HelloAnnaH I lost a gem off my necklace once but found it right where I dropped it hours later.

@ReshmiTweetz Not me, but my friend lost her whole kit while on train last year, she couldn’t get it back.

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.