Father’s Day is right around the corner – which has us thinking about travels with dad. Does your husband bring a “daddy dimension” to your family vacations? Are his choices of destinations, attractions and adventures different from yours? Have you taken your own dad along with you on a recent trip? What’s so special about travels with dad, anyway? We’ll be answering those questions – and sharing some stories – at our next #TMOM Twitter party, when we’re talking about travels with dad.

Travels with Dad

Like father, like son….traveling with dad is a bonding experience for all involved! Picture by Yvonne Jasinski, Credit Card Traveling Mom


June 13 #TMOM Twitter Party – Travels with Dad

I am what used to be known as “the product of a broken home.” My dad had us every other weekend – and that meant we travelled along with him. My dad was the king of the road trip, and every other weekend, my siblings and I would load into his blue station wagon and head out for adventure. His favorite place to take us was Washington, D.C., where we visited so often that it felt like a second home. But we had other adventures too – to the Pocono mountains, to the Jersey Pinelands, to anywhere that old car could take us.

In our travels with dad, we felt a little less broken. We built bridges into our new lives; we shared adventures then and memories now.

travels with dad

We all stand a little taller during our travels with dad. Photo by Allison Bean Taylor, Research Traveling Mom

As we enter into Father’s Day, we at Traveling Mom are reflecting on Travels with Dad. Do you remember special trips with your own father? Has your husband been traveling with your children? How are TDADs different than TMOMs – and how are both important to our children’s traveling experience? That’s what we’ll be talking about at our next #TMOM Twitter party – all about traveling with dad.

I have a dear friend who takes each of his children for a trip of their choosing for their 13th birthday. They leave mom at home with the other kids and spend a week or so traveling, getting to know each other, and bonding. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he remained close to his children (the oldest of whom is graduating high school this week) throughout their teenhood.

So what can you expect from travels with dad? The unexpected, of course! Everything from a monster truck rally to a quirky summer adventure; from a walk on the wild side to a romantic getaway for two (sorry kids!). As I learned as a little girl, traveling with dad is the stuff of memories – and that’s what we’re chatting about at the next #TMOM Twitter Party. Join us – and bring along your favorite dad!

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