We all have travel stories. Some are postcard perfect, while others….not so much. Join us at the July 10 #TMOM Twitter party, sponsored by Residence Inn, where we’ll tell all – family travel unfiltered! We’ll be sharing the truth about family travel – and you’ll have the chance to win a $600 or $300 Residence Inn gift card, courtesy of Residence Inn. SIGN UP BELOW!

We're sharing our family travel stories at the next #TMOM Twitter Party.

The truth about family travel is it’s great bonding time! Photo by Maria R. Smith, TravelingMom with Many


July 10  #TMOM Twitter Party – Family Travel Unfiltered: The Truth about Family Travel

When we plan travel, we think excursions – beautiful destinations, engaging local activities, delicious food, comfortable lodging. And sometimes, we get just that. Other times, however, the trip doesn’t go exactly as planned. We’ll be sharing the truth about family travel – our real, behind the scenes stories – at our July 10 #TMOM Twitter party, sponsored by Residence Inn. Join in on the fun at 9 p.m. ET, when one lucky winner will win a $600 Residence Inn gift card (and a runner up will receive a $300 Residence Inn gift card).

Of course, a stay at the Residence Inn is already a winner. After all, every room is a suite! As the mom of five, I can’t tell you how important space is when it comes to relaxing after a long day out. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered some that looked spacious in the brochure – only to find ourselves on top of each other in the cramped quarters.

We're sharing our family travel stories at the next #TMOM Twitter Party.

No one likes cramped quarters! Suites, like those in the Residence Inn, give your family the space they need. Photo courtesy Residence Inn.

I should know better than believing all I see in brochures. I remember the time the brochure promised a hot summer on the beach, with nothing but the sound of crashing waves, the smell of suntan lotion and the beauty of endless white sand to fill my days. Why do my photos from the vacation show anything but? In them, Max is crying because the sand is too hot to walk on. Sean is feeding his overpriced cup of French fries to the seagulls. And Steven is pouting because there’s no connection to WiFi in our hotel. (Free WiFi – another perk of staying at a Residence Inn!)


We All Have Our Stories….

And I am far from the only TravelingMom (and TravelingDad) with stories like this to tell. TravelingDad Paul Eisenberg shares about the time his wife and daughters felt compelled to sleep in pajama pants and hoodies – on top of the blankets – at one particularly “mildew” airport hotel.

Share our family travel stories! Join the next #TMOM Twitter party for our untold stories - and the chance to win a $600 Residence Inn gift card.

Here’s a tip – Book a hotel you can count on – or face the consequences! Photo courtesy of Paul Eisenberg, TravelingDad.

With her eye on the bottom line, TravelingMom With Many Maria Smith shares her money-saving tips, including my favorite – stay at a hotel like Residence Inn, where you have your own kitchen. Great way to save money on meals, and guests of the Residence Inn can have the room refrigerator stocked for them when they arrive. (Saving time AND money – what can be better?)

Jana Seitzer, our Geek TravelingMom, recalls her unfortunate discovery that she was allergic to black currants – while on a trip to France!  Food allergies are a concern whenever you’re eating in unfamiliar surroundings. That’s another great reason a room with a personal kitchen is a life saver (in more ways than one).

Is organization – or lack thereof – cramping your travel style? Bilingual TravelingMom Taty Pradilla knows the feeling. She shares her stories, and her tips on getting the family organized while away from home. One secret – she relies on a friendly staff, like the ones you’ll encounter at the Residence Inn, to give her the inside scoop on hotel amenities that can help!

Of course, we all make mistakes. Our Autism TravelingMom Margalit Francus shares some of hers, including the time she booked a hotel based on price and location. She learned that her son responds best when he’s in comfortable, familiar surroundings – which is why the Residence Inn is one of her family’s favorites.

So what’s your story? Share it with us on Monday, July 10, at 9 p.m. ET at the next #TMOM Twitter party. We’ll have fun, we’ll learn a lot – and you might just walk away with a $600 or $300 Residence Inn gift card, courtesy our sponsor, Residence Inn.

Share your family travel stories at the next #TMOM Twitter party.

The comfort and familiarity of a “standard” room, such as this suite at Residence Inn, is reassuring to some travelers. Photo by Margalit Forcus, Autism TravelingMom

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