When you’re traveling to a conference or for business, is there room for family time too? Or do you leave the kiddos behind – and take a guilt trip along with the business trip? Sometimes, you need to be laser-focused on the business at hand. But at other times, it’s possible to build in some family time too. Want to make the most of your conference and business travel – either way? Then join us at the June 18 #TMOM Twitter Party, when we’re focusing on traveling for business or to conferences.

Join the next #TMOM Twitter Party to talk business travel.

Does business take you away from home? We’re talking about travel for business or conferences at the next #TMOM Twitter Party. Photo courtesy Pixabay.

June 18 #TMOM Twitter Party –  Business and Conference Travel

Later this month, the TravelingMoms will be headed to Walt Disney World for their annual retreat. Our yearly conference allows us to learn more about the brand, strategize for the coming year, hear all about changes and share tips about how to do what we do even better. It’s a business trip for us, but often our families are along too, and we add a day before or after the conference to share the World with them.

Business trips don’t have to be all work. With some planning and communication, you can use the trip to preview a new area or even turn the down time into a family trip. Join us at the next #TMOM Twitter Party, Monday, June 18 at 9 p.m. EST when we’ll be sharing the secrets of successful business travelers. Learn how to use your points wisely, how to juggle expectations easily, and how to make your family understand the boundaries that are necessary when you travel for business or to a conference.

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Cities with ferris wheels? Now that’s mixing business with pleasure! photo by Pixabay

How to Succeed in Business (Travel) Without Really Trying

While the focus of business travel is just that – business – there are ways to combine business travel with family travel. You can add days before or after your “business agenda” to spend with family.  And if that can’t happen, there are even ways to avoid the mommy guilt that comes with a solo trip .


And even if you must travel alone – it is business, after all – you should plan some down time for yourself. If you’re in a new area, get out and soak in the atmosphere. You can even scout out an area to see if it would be a worthwhile place for the entire family to visit. Then you can come home with a head full of plans and a suitcase full of brochures – and your family will know that your business travel worked for them, too.

So let’s get down to the business – and the pleasure – of conferences and business travel. Join us at the June 18 #TMOM Twitter Party to hear how to handle it all. See you on 6/18 at 9 p.m. ET.

The Details

WHEN: Monday, June 18, 9-10 p.m. ET (8-9 pm CT; 7-8 pm MT; 6-7 pm PT)

WHO: Panelists @travelingmoms @KimOrlando @CindyTravelsOn

HOW TO JOIN: Follow the #TMOM hashtag

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