We can’t tell you exactly how many shopping days are left. But we do know that, if we want to enjoy a family getaway this holiday season, the time to plan is now! Should we spend the last days of 2016 racing down a ski slope? Should we see the new year in while relaxing on the sand? Either way, we need to get started planning! And what better way to get started than with a $500 booking credit, courtesy of Vacatia.

Holiday Travel: Sand or Slopes?

Here’s an eye opener – the countdown to the holidays has entered double digits. That’s right – if you’re planning holiday travel, you’re less than 100 days out. And that’s talking about the December holiday season. If you plan to travel at Thanksgiving, it’s even less!

The holidays are perfect for a getaway. The family is together. Kids are off from school and the workflow demands usually slow before the new year (and new budget). It’s smart to take advantage of the down time and plan a vacation. The only question is: Where should you go? 

Holiday travel - slopes or shore? That is the dilemma!

What says “winter wonderland” better than a ski vacation? Perfect for the entire family! Photo courtesy of Vacatia


When it comes to destinations for a holiday family vacation, it really comes down to two choices – the beach or the slopes. I’m a beach baby myself, so I can totally understand the appeal of leaving the cold city winter behind to soak up the sun on a beach of golden sand. Spending a new year’s eve sunning, snorkeling and surfing? Yes, please.


But then again, it is winter. I can get my fill of the beach during the summer months, but there is just one time of year when I can spend an afternoon swooshing down the slopes, breathing in the crisp fresh air and playing in fresh powder. The beauty of nature, the smell of the pine, the challenge of the slopes and the pleasure of story swapping apres-ski….that also spells winter vacation to me.

What slopes are best for end-of-year skiing? What beaches are family friendly, but not overrun with tourists? Where can you spend your holiday – and come home best refreshed for a new year? And how can you plan a holiday vacation that suits the needs of the entire family – from kids on the bunny slopes to the fastest racer on the giant slalom?

Either way, you want to make the most of your end of the year down time. Read more about our tips and tricks….and to settle once and for all that debate – ski or shore? (Hmmm, maybe we’ll even find a way to do both…..)



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