Traveling with a baby can be a challenge. There’s all that gear, right? When your little one becomes a toddler, the load in the diaper bag gets a little lighter. But you’ll find you are traveling with a whole new kind of baggage: “Are we there yet?” “I can’t find my sippy cup.” “I’m hungry!” “I don’t want that.” And the always popular, “No!”

Travel with Toddlers

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Traveling to a pumpkin patch – or across country – can be tricky with a toddler. Photo by Mary Lebeau, EastCoast TMOM

Yes, there are joys of traveling with toddlers – if you’re prepared for the work that’s involved. We’re talking about packing most of the same equipment you needed for your baby (strollers and car seats are still a must!), but this time, you’re dealing with a walking, talking bundle of curiosity and impatience….one that requires more than a pacifier and a lullaby.

Among our tips: Be prepared to pay for convenience because you’ll need to make things as easy as possible. Arm yourself with extra pretzel sticks, huggy toys, and an emergency pull-up, just in case. And always say, “Yes, please!” when offered help.


But what about the big things? How do you keep your child engaged in the travel without sensory overload (and the meltdowns that go with it)? How do you teach appropriate behavior and etiquette to a little one who just can’t wait to touch….well, just about everything? How can you navigate bedtime in a totally unfamiliar (and scary!) bed? And how do you handle potty training while on the road?

We’ll be sharing our secrets, our tips, and yes, our horror stories at the next #TMOM Twitter Party. On Monday, September 14 at 9 p.m., we’ll be discussing the challenges and the joys of traveling with our toddlers. Join us to share the tips, the trials and the fun of seeing the world through brand new eyes.

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