After the impact of the recent hurricanes, the thoughts of many focused on one question – “How can I help?” There are many ways worthy of consideration – from donating clothes and food to writing a check to a reputable on-the-ground charity. But if you want to be hands-on in your giving, then consider travel volunteerism. Want to give back in your travels?  Then join us at 9 p.m. ET at the September 18 #TMOM Twitter party, when we’ll be discussing travel volunteerism and the wonders of exploring traveling with purpose.

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Habitat for Humanity crew in Slidell, Louisiana, post-Katrina. Photo courtesy of Catherine Bennett Kopf, Optimism TravelingMom

September 18  #TMOM Twitter Party – Travel Volunteerism

We all know how much we get out of travel. But did you realize you can use travel to give as well? In light of the recent hurricanes, we at TravelingMom are using our September 18 #TMOM Twitter party to discuss traveling to volunteer. Join us at 9 p.m. ET to discuss how to give while you’re traveling – and how much you’ll get back from the experience.

Travel volunteerism has become increasingly popular in recent years – and for a variety of reasons. First of all, it allows you to help others in a meaningful way. Whether you’re distributing clothes after a devastating storm, helping rebuild a home after a hurricane, or helping out with a special youth project, travel volunteerism is one way you can give of your talent and skills to fill a need. Your children will learn the value of what they have while helping those who don’t have as much. And you’ll immerse yourself in a new community – be it one in the next state, or half way around the world.

Want to give back? Learn all about volunteer travel at the next #TMOM Twitter party.

Melodious TravelingMom @sherryboswell reads at a local elementary school in Jamaica as part of @sandalsfdn Reading Road Trip.
Photo courtesy of Sherry Boswell, Melodious TravelingMom


Helping Out – Not Just in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, opportunities for voluntourism (as travel volunteerism is known) may be easy to find. But there are ways to help out while traveling all year long. One key to a successful volunteer experience while traveling is identifying the right trip and project for you and your family. The more vested a person is in a situation, the more giving he tends to be – and the more you give, the more you’ll get back from your volunteer experience.

Want to learn more? Check out some of the posts on Whether it’s a project abroad for you or your teen, traveling to help at an animal sanctuary, or ideas on teaching your young ones to care for less fortunate children, we’ve been there – and we can give you an idea of what to expect during a travel volunteer experience.

Then join us at the September 18 #TMOM Twitter party at 9 p.m. ET, when you can learn all about travel volunteerism – and maybe plan a giving trip of your own.

Make your vacation a meaningful one through volunteer travel. Learn all about it at the next #TMOM Twitter party.

Special Needs #TMOM @kathpenney participated in a school supply drive for local schools when visiting @beachesresorts. Photo courtesy Kathy Williamson Penney, Special Needs TravelingMom

The Details

WHAT: #TMOM Twitter Party – Travel Volunteerism

WHEN: September 18, 2017, 9-10 pm ET (8-9 pm CT; 7-8 pm MT; 6-7 pm PT)

WHO:   @travelingmoms @KimOrlando @CindyTravelsOn

HOW TO JOIN: Follow the #TMOM hashtag

SPREAD THE WORD: Tweet  Travel with a purpose benefits all involved! Learn about travel volunteerism at the 9/18 #TMOM Twitter party 9 pm ET.

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Southern TravelingMom @melodytravels works at Chocal women’s co-op in the Dominican Republic during a Fathom #Cruise @goDomRep. Photo courtesy of Melody Pittman, Southern TravelingMom

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