Spontaneous. Impulsive. Unplanned. These synonyms all invoke carefree family travel. And whether it was last week or five years ago, the whimsy that surrounds spontaneous travel is so well worth it, don’t you think? We asked six TravelingMoms to elaborate on their responses from last night’s Staybridge Suites Twitter party questions and here’s what they had to say about spur of the moment weekend getaways:

Becky Davenport Twitter party

Photo Credit: Becky Davenport, Budget TravelingMom

Q1: What would it take for you to surprise your kids with a last minute vaction?

Diana Rowe, Traveling Grandmom: If my adult kids just said “let’s take a last minute family weekend getaway,”  I would respond by literally packing my bags as they are all working adults and their schedules are super tight. My grandkids who live nearby are busy with sports, so when the schedules open up, I’m ready to getaway. As “empty nesters,” my hubby and I often will take off to explore our state of Colorado, because well, hello, I live in a beautiful, road trip worthy state! Recent last minute trips with my family have included a visit to these spectacular Colorado destinations: Great American Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado Springs, Canon City, Westcliffe, Keystone Ski Resort, and even a last minute weekend getaway to Nebraska’s Lake McConaughy – with 100 miles of shoreline and great fishing!

Q2: On a weekend road trip, what music brings you back to your childhood?

Photo Credit: Diana Rowe, Traveling Grandmom

Photo Credit: Diana Rowe, Traveling Grandmom

Carissa Rogers, GoodNCrazy TravelingMom: My kids came home from camp last week and they were listening to old school Footloose and full on had line dancing moves to it?!


I was all? Hold on? How is that allowed, when not too long ago my oldest daughter decreed: “while on roadtrips mom is ONLY allowed to sing along to music made before her birth year” — Disco Music Anyone?

Anyway. Soundtrack music brings me back to my childhood. Footloose, Back to the Future, Say Anything, Breakfast Club.. and we can’t forget GHOSTBUSTERS! You know you want to sing along with me don’t you?

Q3: When spontaneous travel is mentioned, where do you imagine you’d travel?

Nasreen Stump, Road Warrior TravelingMom: New Orleans. It’s fairly driveable for us, it has a Staybridge Suites Hotel, tons of history and good food. It’s actually more child friendly than people think. There’s lots of parks, too. I’ve never been without my husband and I definitely would take him on the next trip!

Photo Credit: Kirsten Maxwell, Teaching TravelingMom

Photo Credit: Kirsten Maxwell, Teaching TravelingMom

Q4: What do you and your kids love in a hotel breakfast?

Becky Davenport, Budget TravelingMom: I would like to say that my kids love hotel breakfast because it frees up mommy and they get more time to snuggle with me.  However, I do not think that’s the case – I honestly believe the reason my kids love hotel breakfast is because mommy is not cooking.  Not that mommy is a terrible cook (smirk), but pretty much anyone can cook better than mom.

As a single mom living on a budget; there is the obvious reasons I love hotel breakfast.  They are often free or you are given discounts, they can be delivered to your room if needed, there is a huge variety of choices, and most importantly I do not have to do the cooking!

I have pretty much made breakfast a must have when booking hotels; even if it’s as simple as just a continental breakfast with yogurt and cereal.

Q5: What’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever cooked in a hotel kitchen?

Tonya Prater, Ohio TravelingMom: I travel frequently with my husband who travels for work. One thing he misses is a home cooked meal so I put together a portable kitchen that I pack on road trips. With a George Foreman Jr. Grill and a Jr. Frydaddy, I can cook nearly anything in a hotel room that I would cook at home. On our last trip we enjoyed Tortellini, garlic bread and a salad for one meal and grilled chicken, buttered baby potatoes and Brussel sprouts for another.

Q6: What are your kids’ favorite games to play in hotel pools?

Pool Games

Photo Credit: Karyn Locke, Road Trip TravelingMom

Karyn Locke, Road Trip TravelingMom: Even though my daughter is 13, she still loves to play Marco Polo in hotel swimming pools, especially if we have the pool to ourselves. My husband is usually the one to start the game and, I have to admit, it’s still so much fun- even at my age! She’s recently learned how to dive underwater without holding her nose (I thought that would never happen!), so we use easy to spot items to encourage her new swimming milestone.

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