Have you ever been in the perfect location, surrounded by family and friends and wanted to memorialize it? Has that ever backfired? Red-eye, blurry glowing lights, dark scenery, photobombers, and shaky hands can ruin the preservation of family moments. On October 7th we gathered for our weekly Twitter travel chat sponsored by Nokia to talk photo do-overs. Read on to hear the highlights of what moms are looking for in a camera, what our biggest photo “loss” was, travel photography tips, and the strangest way we’ve ever been photobombed.

Where was your epic fail photo taken? What went wrong?

@travelermom Well, I wish I would have put on some make-up the day I got married.


@iDreamofJenn Last Saturday on Mt. Washington; friend and I weren’t ready & reading a sign when our photo was taken.

@JazzyTJan Always wanted to get a great night picture of all the lights & cars in Thailand. I got darkness and lines.

@MOMishStyle Our 4 generations photo came out blurry !!

@centralFLgal I hate when people move at exactly when you shoot the picture.

@dipaolamomma I’m notorious for “cutting off” heads in my photos.

@KarinSheets So thankful for digital photos! Just delete all of the bad ones!

@ostmega It was just this weekend-My kiddo was tearing it up on the dance floor, but I missed it 🙁

@Sheila_Hall_20 Took a blurry and dark pic in front of the Eiffel tower.

What’s your secret to taking great vacation photos?

@justints21 I use tripod as I have shaky hands.

@Mrs_Riot1 Candid photos! Photo bombs and trying to get ALL OF US in the picture.

@LakeMomster Snap a bunch and pray for one to turn out!

@LoriLeal1 Hair done, lots of makeup, show off my good side and a great backdrop! 🙂

@DoozerCries I’d say my secret is to try as much as possible to go out on a clear day. Keep a steady hand.

@AnujadeSilva Imposible to get family photos w/ moving babies & hard to keep asking strangers for do overs.

@ostmega Having a camera with me is a good start – seriously! You can’t take good (or bad) photos without a camera!

@Sarah_Lindsey86 My secret to great vacation photos is be quick. The moment can be gone in a minute.

What do you love to take pictures of? Why?

@DebMomof3 SO many things! Love to take pics of my kids, nature, pets, knitting projects, and did I mention my kids?t

@barblikos I used to say my kids but these days I am totally into dogs and horses. Maybe cause they don’t talk back??

@LakeMomster My boys, I obviously obsess about documenting every bit of their childhood.

@twokidsandamap Love to take pics of the kids and scenery. Going crazy with all the mountain scenes this fall!

 @twinlins People. Funny signs.

@Fight_Owl I love to take pics of my little girl, capturing those moments that only happen once!

@ConnieFoggles How can I forget? I love to take photos of my grandson…my sweet, adorable, cute, grandson 😉

@TibsTravel I like to take pictures of places and people never seen before, living lives different from mine. With respect, not gawking.

What epic travel moment do you want to recreate? Why?

@LovenFlipFlops I want to recreate photos of my daughter when she was born. It was so hectic I did’nt get much of anything.

@CindyRichards I’d love to go back to Kauai with a real photog. gorgeous vistas, waterfalls & spinning dolphins!

@travelermom There are so many, I don’t know where to start! I’d say a family pic on the beach. My m-i-l took the pic- it’s awful.

@mooseandtater Our trip to Roatan, lots of bad pictures and my husband took pictures and then jumped in the ocean with his phone.

@Leighbra I’d like to recreate my husband & I kissing on the Charles Bridge in Prague.

@sarasil104 More pics with me in them! I’m usually the only one taking them.

@AndreaGuthmann Somehow came away from our Germany trip without a single Christmas card worthy shot. Don’t know how that happened!

Have you ever been photobombed on vacation? Where? Who?

@Mrs_Riot1 Oh yes. It’s a family affair. We all try and photobomb each other’s pics!

@Pure_Wander In Mexico, I was parasailing & the toothless fruit seller wanted in on the pic. I said “Claro que si” “Sure, why not!”

@DawnGartin We’ve made photo bombing part of our family photo time! Always try to sneak in…

@christylomb My oldest son loves to photobomb, I have so many funny ones of him.

@lorikiddo Photobombed by a manta ray on  our honeymoon in Jamaica 22 years ago. Disposable underH2O camera.

What magic button do you wish your camera phone had?

@mellanhead A button to get my 4yr old to look at the camera and smile.

@Mrs_Riot1 Button to fix blurry and out of focus pictures.

@Fight_Owl I wish my camera had a magic button to keep my toddler still for two seconds so I could get a good pic!

@miasinc Wish I could float my camera so we can take pics of the whole family all the time.

@indywithkids SKINNY BUTTON!

@kimorlando EZ to use auto shoot so I can be in pic.

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.