For whatever reason, getting away for vacation isn’t always possible. But you can have just as much fun – and even more – staying at home and enjoying the local treasures and pleasures. Instead of getting away, why not stay – like on a staycation? Join the experts at Traveling Mom at their special Memorial Day #TMOM Twitter party, all about the simple joys of staycations.

We're full of staycation ideas at the next #TMOM Twitter party.

One of our favorite staycation ideas is spending a day in our pool! Photo by Mary Lebeau, EastCoast Traveling Mom


 May 30 #TMOM Twitter Party – Staycations

Have you ever needed a vacation to recover from your vacation? Did you ever wish you could enjoy time off with the family, without breaking the budget? Does the idea of sleeping in your own bed – and maybe even just sleeping in – sound like a perfect way to spend your vacation? Then you may be in need of a staycation. I know I am – and that’s why I am excited about the next #TMOM Twitter party, when we’ll be talking about the food, fun and features of an All-American staycation.

Why plan a vacation, when you can have a staycation?

Philadelphia TMOM Sarah Ricks staycationed by catching the sunrise from the foot of the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia. Photo by Sarah Ricks, Philadelphia Traveling Mom


Staycations – when a family chooses to remain at home during their vacation time, participating in activities or checking out attractions that are local – have become increasingly popular in recent years. And for a chronic “vacation planning professional” like me, a staycation is a welcome break from the stressful planning and hectic agendas of our normal vacations. Any regular vacation takes months of planning, packing, making reservations and creating agendas. A staycation can be planned on the fly, include a variety of attractions and an exploration of new restaurants (or recipes to make at home). You can even designate a “sleep in” day – something that never happens when my family is away on vacation, pushing to make every minute worth the planning and money we’ve invested.

A staycation of true leisure, where travel time is minimal, where the costs are low (or free) and where I don’t have to make sure everyone packed their bathing suit? Yes, please.

Other Traveling Moms have already jumped on the staycation bandwagon too, spending some of their vacation time locally. “A great staycation is made by exploring pieces of your hometown that you don’t normally have time to explore, like we did by researching and riding nature lined bike paths near our hometown,” says Mary Moore, Retro Traveling Mom.

“A fun way to staycation is to treat your hometown like you are a tourist,” suggests Philadelphia Traveling Mom Sarah Ricks. “Seek out experiences that draw visitors to your town. Take a walking tour of your own city, visit the museums or the big tourist draws. Hike a trail or visit a park that’s new to you. Find out if there is a free music performance or street festival. Stake out a restaurant with a view to catch the sunset, or get up early to watch the sunrise from a spot with a good view.” After all, we often overlook these hometown treasures, while we plan visits to similar things far away.

Just because you’re staying on the home front doesn’t mean the staycation is anything less than a regular vacation (or, worse yet, boring). Staycation ideas are everywhere, if you just look around. Check out your area’s tourist bureau or city web site to see what’s going on. Pick a new restaurant – or better yet, a new recipe – and enjoy seasonal food with the family. Or take some time for the simple pleasures – like bike riding, flying kites or finding stones or seashells. Your staycation should be full of the simple pleasures that bring your family together.

Family Vacation Ideas - Staycation

The kids make a fort at the Hyatt Baltimore on a weekend Staycation. Photo Credit Dia Adams, Travel Hack Traveling Mom

If you need ideas, well, that’s what we at Traveling Mom are here for! Close out your Memorial Day weekend by joining us at our next #TMOM Twitter party, when we’ll open your eyes to the pleasures and treasures of a staycation.

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