The best souvenirs we can take away from our travels are memories, and the best way to capture memories is with pictures. The perfect shot can bring you back to the warmth of the sun in the gray of winter, or remind you of your cuddly toddler now that she’s a teenage diva. So how can you assure you capture the best – and avoid the awkward vacation photos? That’s what we’re talking about at the next #TMOM Twitter party. Join in the fun, and you’ll have a chance to win a Panazonic Lumix ZS60 Camera, provided by our sponsor, Panasonic.

#TMOM Twitter Party - how to avoid awkward photos

Sometimes standing in the back of a convertible looks cool. Sometimes not so much. Photo by Amanda Topinka, Spontaneous Traveling Mom

May 16 #TMOM Twitter Party – Avoid Awkward Vacation Photos with Panasonic

How To Avoid Awkward Vacation Pics at the next #TMOM Twitter party

She doesn’t look pleased with his monkeying around. Photo by Karen Heffren, Desert TMOM

Once I head out on a road trip, there’s not much will make me turn the car around.

But top of that very short list is forgetting my camera. After all, I want to preserve my adventures with sharp, clear pictures. (I haven’t found a phone smart enough yet.)


Even though I am so tied to my camera, I find that many of the pictures I take turn out – how do I say it? – awkward. There are the simple boo boos, like that one person who always manages to have her eyes shut and her mouth open. Or the kids whose silly poses make total sense at the moment, but just look awkward when you pass the pictures around a month later. And then there are the epic fails, the pictures that a smart person would delete before anyone else saw them – which are now the same pictures going viral on Facebook or Instagram.

My latest “awkward vacation photo” came during the Traveling Mom Writers retreat at Disney World.

Avoid Awkward Vacation Pictures!

Can you say awkward? Here are the beautiful TravelingMom writers, surrounding the distinguished Dr. Jane Goodall – and me laughing hysterically.

We had the honor of meeting Dr. Jane Goodall, and taking a group picture with the renowned anthropologist. The photographer said, “Say cheese,” and the distinguished Dame Goodall responded, “No, say one, two, three chimpanzee!” I burst out in a not-very-distinguished laugh at the precise moment the photo was taken. Yeah, I’m the one just over her left shoulder awkwardly laughing like an endangered hyena in our group shot.

But since we at #TMOM travel so much, we have learned our lesson when it comes to photography. We review our favorite cameras, share our best tips, and put our own shots (awkward or not) out there for you all to see, laugh at, and learn from.

#TMOM Twitter party - avoid awkward vacation photos

Do you know where your drinking water is coming from? Photo by Kirsten Maxwell, Teaching Traveling Mom

Join us next Monday, May 16, at 9 p.m. for the #TMOM Twitter party, all about awkward vacation photos and how to avoid them. We’ll talk about favorite features, how to get a decent shot with a cell phone (is it possible?), and how to avoid the unfortunate shots (that may have you laughing for years to come). So come hang out for an hour, and learn to point, smile, and shoot your way to pictures you’ll be proud to share. And you may even win a great camera, thanks to Panasonic!

WHAT: #TMOM Twitter Party – Avoid Awkward Vacation Photos

WHEN: May 16, 9-10 p.m. ET (8-9 p.m. CT; 7-8 p.m. MT; 6-7 p.m. PT)

WHO: WHO: Panelists @travelingmoms @KimOrlando @CindyTravelsOn  @AmyBarseghian

HOW TO JOIN: Follow the #TMOM hashtag


Share yr awkward vacation pics on  #TMOM 5/16 9pmET Enter 2 WIN @LumixUSA camera! #TMOMZS60:

Stop taking awkward vacation photos. #TMOM Twitter party

Dead man’s float? Or just a TraveingMom cooling off? Photo by Yvonne Jasinski, Credit Card TMOM


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