acapulcoThe very concept of spring break changes completely once you become a parent. It’s no longer about hot bodies and cold beer. Suddenly, it’s about finding a kid-friendly family travel destination that won’t break the family budget.At our March 7 TMOM Monday Twitter Party, we talked about spring break, shared tips on making it an affordable family vacation and a few stories from our wilder days.

What are your spring break plans?

@GoBIG_GoHome: The price of gas makes me want to stay at home, curled up in the fetal position. But we may take the train into NYC for some fun!


@dovgame: Passover.

@doubleadventure: We are heading to Palm Springs. Staying close to home since we have a New Orleans and Mexico trip in the same month.

How much money will you spend on spring break travel this year?

@zwei2go: About $3,000 between the two trips.

@doubleadventure: Hoping to limit it to a couple hundred dollars since I will be covering work projects as part of spring break.

@arrowssentforth: We are outdoorsy so we spend very little on entertainment, but probably too much on food, transportation and lodging.

Share your tips for getting a great deal on spring break travel.

@arrowssentforth: I follow attractions and destinations in advance of trip on Twitter to learn of deals and bargains.

@RoadTripsFeedMe: We always stay where breakfast is included.

@zwei2go: I booked our trip to Breezes in Curacao in October and was able to get a beach side junior suite for the price of a regular room.

@ramblingstump: I always say this but travel off season. Hotspot destinations are cheap during their lulls.

What’s your funniest spring break memory?

@kimorlando: Another not funny but memorable: 2 weeks of Montezuma’s revenge AFTER spring break. It was the ice cubes.

@EastCoastMary: Eight sorority sisters in a pop up trailer in the Florida Keys singing “Show Me the Way to Go Home”.

@MomMostTraveled: My friend got a tattoo. And the tattoo artist made a mistake.

@OhioCatfish: Went to Texas for sun and it rained and was cold.

Where did you spend spring break in college? Would you take your family there?

@worldshoppe: Visited some great places when we didn’t have kids…but would love to experience those places with them now!

@ramblingstump: Went to Disney one year, San Antonio another. Both were family friendly.

What will you tell your kids about spring break?

@1Dad1Kid: Well, he’ll be an adult, so I’ll just say have a blast! Be careful what you tweet and Facebook. Drink a lot of water if you drink alcohol.

@CindyRichards: Don’t drink with strangers. Don’t leave a friend in a bar. Don’t participate in wet t-shirt contests. But have fun any way.

@GoBIG_GoHome: I will be going with them so I’m not worried.