green-299410_640It’s easy being green–on the road, that is.  No longer solely for outdoors-y types, eco-friendly tourism has burst onto the mainstream travel scene in recent years bringing with it a bounty of vacation options that are not only enjoyable, but good for the environment.  Destinations around the world are working to reduce waste and energy consumption while experimenting with environmentally sound practices, like improving their recycling programs, introducing local produce to their on-site restaurants, and including more nature-based activities and excursions.  At the same time, the glut of guided adventures that have popped up everywhere give less adventurous travelers the chance to

The concept of going “green” on a getaway encompasses all aspects of travel and can influence everything from the kind of sunscreen you pack for a snorkeling trip, to the hotel you choose, to preparing your home before you leave.  And ecologically responsible travel doesn’t require sleeping in a tent, either. There are plenty of spots where taking care of the planet and luxury go hand in hand.

Join us on Monday, March 16 and tell us what green travel means to you.  Where are some of the “greenest” places you’ve ever visited?What eco-friendly destinations are on your vacation list?  Do you have favorite earth-pleasing products that you always pack?  We’ll share some of our favorite tips for greening your upcoming travel plans, too!

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