Some of us love the idea of traveling solo, and try to sneak away whenever we have a chance, just to rest and recharge. Others only go yelling and screaming, balking at the idea of spending time away from family and schedules. But there are real benefits to traveling solo – and we’ll be talking about them all at the June 20 #TMOM Twitter party. Join the fun – and maybe even win a piece of Ricardo luggage for your next trip!

Traveling Solo

TravelingMom Jennifer Mitchell had an amazing solo adventure in Thailand. Photo courtesy Jenn Mitchell, Fitness TravelingMom

June 20 #TMOM Twitter Party –  TRAVELING SOLO  with Ricardo Luggage Giveaway

According to no less a dignitary than Albert Einstein, “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone will likely find herself in places no one has ever been before.” If I ever needed a reason for traveling solo, there’s that – the chance to be somewhere I’ve never been before, not held back by the expectations or curiosity (or lack thereof) of my traveling companions.

Traveling Solo #TMOM Twitter party

Traveling solo adds character – and characters – to your life. Photo courtesy Jenn Greene, Tween ‘n Teen TravelingMom

But the truth is, I don’t need the wisdom of Einstein to know why solo travel is beneficial to me and other busy moms. I know from experience – and from the wise writings of my fellow TravelingMoms, who have shared their solo adventures on our website.

For me, the best part about traveling alone can be summed up by two Fs – freedom and flexibility. I don’t have to compromise with my family members, swapping a half hour at the pop culture museum with a half hour on the playground or only going to restaurants that serve grilled cheese. I am free to go where I please and take as much – or little – time as I want when I’m traveling solo.

Then there’s the flexibility aspect. If I decide I want to sit on the beach and read, I’m usually outvoted by a bunch of kids who want to play mini golf or fish. If I decide to stay longer at the street fair, I can skip the amusement pier (unheard of when we travel as a family).

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Travel Hack TravelingMom Dia Adams considers traveling solo a gift – so big a gift, in fact, that she never asks for anything else from her husband. Jenn Mitchell, our Fitness TravelingMom, found she could recharge at an all-women’s adventure retreat, where a majority of the people were traveling alone (but ended up making lots of friends).

Traveling Solo #TMOM Twitter party

Traveling solo sometimes means hiring local guides to get you off the beaten path. Photo by Dana McKenney Zucker, Luxe TravelingMom @momsgoodeats

If you’re interested in a solo trip – or even if you’re forced into it by business or other obligations – we have your back. We will answer your questions, tell you how to pack, and even find deals for you solo travelers. We’ll be sharing our own stories and secrets at the June 20 #TMOM Twitter Party. Join in, and have a shot of winning a piece of Ricardo luggage – just perfect for your solo travels!

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