Photo credit: Lorraine Robertson /Marathon TravelingMom

Photo credit: Lorraine Robertson /Marathon TravelingMom

What does healthy travel mean to you? Does it mean total R&R on the beach to restore your mental health? Or does it mean a hard-hitting adventure vacation that pushes your body to the max? Do you eat healthy when you travel? Or is a family vacation the time to let them eat cake?

We will talk about all of that and offer tips for:

And so much more.


Join us on Jan. 5 to share your tips, ask questions of our experts and have fun during one of the best hours on Twitter each week, our weekly #TMOM travel Twitter chats.

Healthy Travel Details

WHEN: January 5, 9-10 pm EST (8-9 pm CT; 7-8 pm MT; 6-7 pm PT)

WHO: Panelists @TravelingMoms @KimOrlando @DebMomOf3 @CindyRichards @triwivesclub

WHAT: Twitter party – Healthy Travel

HOW TO JOIN: Follow the hashtag #TMOM

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