cruiseshipWinter travel can be good, bad or treacherous. And sometimes all three at once. at our January 10 Monday night Twitter Party we talked about the joys and challenges of winter travel, whether you head for snow or sun.

What’s the best/worst thing about winter travel?


@deniselao: Best: scenery…Worst: ice, snow, slick roads

@VectorYou: Best thing is the beautiful snowy, scenery…worst is getting stuck somewhere with no snow plow!!

@WeekendInParis: Best thing about winter travel is sitting by the fire with hot chocolate…Worst is dangerous roads and flight delays.

Where do you travel in winter—snow or sun??

@jillyrh: If I were to be so lucky I would love to travel someplace exotic and warm during the winter!!

@VectorYou: I’m in FL so I’d like to travel to somewhere cold..teach my boys how to snowboard!

@ramblingstump: Both- sun for personal travel but for work I cover all the cold states (WI, MN, NH, MA)

What’s your secret for winter road trips?

@kimorlando: Try Amtrack.

@GoBIG_GoHome: Make sure family or friends know your itinerary and check in regularly. Program an ICE contact number in your cell.

skiing@dealofday2010: Making sure to pack tons of fleece!

@tweetintexans: Lots of lotion and lip balm.

Other tips for a safe trip included leaving early, checking the news and being aware of the weather, and packing portable tire chains, emergency blanket, food, and water.

Have you ever headed somewhere warm and it was cold?

@ChildMode: Yes! North Carolina. It actually snowed. First time in years at the time. Not nice!

@DebMomof3: San Francisco…Had to buy sweatshirts/pants!

@deniselao: Yes, the Florida Keys last March.

@TravelDesigned: Las Vegas can also be quite cold too- take a coat.

@kymri: Once flew from 80 degrees San Diego in December to Regina, Saskatchewan, where it was -40. Shock to system!

How do you find winter travel deals?

@Lorraine_TLA: Love Travelzoo!

@doubleadventure: @familygetaway is another resource for deals. Often better than expedia,, etc.

@FrancescaMaz: Twitter is a great resource to find deals any time of the year.

@kimorlando: Winter Deal tip: look at dude ranches like Pine Grove in NY- all inclusive, fun for kids. Ski, sled.

@ramblingstump: I’m on every e-newletter and go middle of the road. No skiing- no beaches. New Orleans, D.C., etc

Other tips included booking ahead of time, Travelocity, word of mouth, coupon codes, and comparing other sites.

Have you ever been stranded during winter travel? What happpend?

@cheyanne2163: Gave up seats in FL during a hurricane once to family so they could get home before it.

@WeekendInParis: Was stranded in airport in NY in college, spent night sleeping on luggage with purse clutched by side. Worst!

@Lorraine_TLA: Driving thru Penn. mountains on way to NYC, highway was an ice rink. Pulled off, got the last room in the hotel at that exit.

@CindyRichards: No, but I’d like to be stranded in the Caribbean. Can I? Please?

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