Photo credit: Scotty Reiss/Driving TravelingMom

Photo credit: Scotty Reiss/Driving TravelingMom

On January 13 we gathered to talk trunk junk, review emergency kit lists provided by our sponsor State Farm, and discuss the strangest thing we ever found in our trunk. Is your trunk ready for an emergency? We’ve gathered together some of our favorite responses in this recap.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever found in your trunk?

@user449008 My younger brother! He hid in there as a prank!

@kimkrafs I found a deflated pool toy I mistook for a snake Had to act brave. Thanks kids!


@MaryHeston @CarissaRogers and @ramblingstump at the TMOM retreat in Orlando last year.

@dipaolamomma An exploded can of aerosol cheese inside a scuba mask. Don’t ask.

@TibsTravel My vote for funniest thing found in trunk (so far) – potato that rooted.

@CarissaRogers Believe it or not my family of 5 has really tidy vehicles. my husband thinks we’re messy til he sees friends cars.

@MsMary1962 My daughters van has enough clothes the kids have striped off to live in there a week!

@lovethatmouse Mine take their shoes off and leave them in the car. Several pairs are banging around in our minivan.

@sleatham1 The car cleaners found underwear one time..they fell out of my gym bag!

What is the most critical thing you keep in your trunk?

@gigglygumballs Air pump and spare tire.

@OHEvieMaeSells A snow brush / ice scraper is always in our trunk.

@KarinSheets An extra bag w/ kid stuff/snacks, spare tire and reflector thingys – like I’d know what do with them. I’d call AAA.

@julybug17 Spare tire and first aid kit.

@ihopeudancealot I am not at all prepared for emergency! I can’t lie! All I have is my cell phone!

@desertchica As a desert dweller, I think water is the most important thing!

@bodinesteph Buckets for sick kids awesome tip thanks! Need to update my emergency kit!

@MaryHeston I keep an old Best Buy rewards card in my wallet to double as an ice scraper in a pinch.

@kjmaje Jumper cables.

@Saving4Jewels First aid kit!!! It helps me feel secure.

What is your best organizing trick for your trunk?

@judy511 Use the backseat.

@furrykarma I keep a portable battery in my trunk. It has saved me many times.

@4jlessad I use a fabric tote w/dividers so it’s broken into 3 sections one for each kid.

@S_thirtymommy Make time every other month to clean out, restock and reorganize.

@LuxuryTravelMom I need to add a corkscrew to my list- brilliant!

@GigiSweeps I have a pull out liner that is easy to rinse off and I have crates to keep things neat.

@ktj329 Clean the trunk out at least once a week AND USE PLASTIC BINS TO ORGANIZE.

@christielomb I have to clean my trunk out every few months, I make sure I have all my emergency supplies.

@JodiGrundig Organizing bins from Thirty One gifts keep my trunk organized!

@AlexandraWrote Collapsible baskets from the Container Store. They fold down to nothing but hold a ton. Grab and go.

@IAmTheCoolAunt In warmer weather, my beach bag is in there. Never know when the beach will beckon (read: always!).

@flyingwithfish My trunk area has a bag of camera gear, gear for 3 kids, emergency gear, lots of dog gear.

What extra things do you pack for a road trip?

@MsMary1962 Toilet paper, wipes, snacks, drinks, trash bags, pillows, blankets.

@MeaganShamy Food, pillows, blankets, movies, toll money.

@SPN_Mom Snacks and games!

@ToddlingChicago Definitely extra snacks and I make sure to have fresh paper and crayons!

@grapejuicemomma Always pack extra clothes, bottles/formula/diapers/wipes, and snacks.

How do you stay calm when driving under pressure?

@HelloAnnaH Breathe, and don’t speed or drive recklessly!!! It’ll be over soon!

@HeatherActs If I’m in a stressful situation, like icy roads, I like total silence so I can focus.

@NikiMith I remember my babies are in the car and then depend on me!

@MaryHeston My dad taught me if I miss the exit just take the next exit.

@JodiGrundig I listen to my favorite music. And breathe!

@weekendscount To focus, we sing songs or a hum in intense traffic!

@ramblingstump Coffee & chocolate. I remind myself to keep trucking on. Pulling off can be dangerous if no safe spot to park.

@JoeysKangaMooMa Counting to 10!

@kimorlando Once in a while I have to do a Freddy Kruger movie scream. That holds me over.

What maintenance skill do you most want to learn or teach your kids?

@irunDisney To change a tire. Fast, correctly and safely on a busy highway.

@S_thirtymommy How to change a tire & figure out your exact location using highway markers.

@JazzyTJan I have taken mechanics courses and would love for my kids to do the same.

@grapejuicemomma I want to learn to change a flat tire; teach kids the same!

@TibsTravel Tire changing SO much tougher now than when I learned how. Lug nights tightened by machine.

@ToddlingChicago I need a refresher course on changing a tire. I’ve done it before but it’s been a while!

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