giftguideIs there a traveler on your Christmas list? Or maybe just someone who’s hard to shop for? We recently gathered on our weekly Twitter party to talk holiday gifts that embrace travel — from gifts under $50 to gifts we received and never used.  Read on for the recap and flip through our full color eMagazine with some great products and stories on holiday travel.

What’s the best travel gift idea under $50?

@PaulEisenberg A cell phone case that’s also a stun gun, via @yellowjacket. Now sub $50. What dad wouldn’t consider this thing for his girls?

@iRunDisney A travel journal – I love to actually write on my travels in a personal journal and blog later.

@furrykarma i really want to try those packing cubes – I have heard unsolicited good things about them and I am a terrible packer.


@DaddysInCharge Ear plugs.

@FreeLikeBirdie Love a great map with pin flags for marking travels 🙂

@FrancesFrost I know everyone Instagrams & tweets their trips but I still like a good journal for a special travel gift.

@kymri iTunes gift card.

@lindsayhaste Gas gift card!

What travel gadget did you get that is still in a drawer & never used?

@JazzyTJan I purchased the voltage converters and didn’t need them on a trip overseas.

@furrykarma I have 8 toiletry bags because none of them are perfect.

@LoriLeal1 MIL gave 1 of those neck pillows which should be awesome but it was an awkward fit so I don’t use it.

@kymri One Christmas I got 2 guidebooks for Egypt…a month later it all came down and assignment cxl’d. Now books outdated 🙁

@JSCSuperstar I always get travel mugs but I never remember to use them. I should really get better about that.

@AnEverydayJen The roll up slippers – cute idea & compact for the suitcase, but I prefer my big fluffy ones for the hotel.

@blondefabulous An air card. I got crap reception in the hotels.

@JetSetBabies A Portable DVD Player (we always forget to bring it).

@CindyRichards Have never used the Nook I got for Christmas 2 yrs ago. Got an iPad soon after.

What travel gadget tops your wish list this year?

@shannonentin I REALLY want JOBY’s GorillaPod Stand for my iPhone. So many times I want photos that just won’t work with me holding the phone.

@iRunDisney Wish list: I’m germphobic. Every year I beg for that germ killing light thing in SkyMall & my fam laughs at me.

@frm1mom2another A new GPS. Mine doesn’t update & gives me wrong directions everyday. I am ALWAYS lost!

@dipaolamomma I covet the GoPro in any of it’s forms! Talk about upping your Mom Cool factor. Oh the places you’ll go!

@simplyjunebug Silly but a portable weigher to see when I’m over the weight limit with my bag. I’m always repacking at airport.

@blondefabulous The Samsung NX1000 w/wi-fi. Not sure it’s a “travel gadget” but I would L-O-V-E it!

@rychepet OOH! a remote car starter would be awesome! BRRR! it’s getting cold outside!

@lindsayhaste A tablet for my 3 year to preoccupy her on road trips!

How do you hint around about what you REALLY want/don’t want?

@wandermom I have an Amazon wishlist. My kids have Amazon wishlists. Even if people don’t buy from Amazon they’re handy.

@alittlebiteof I am usually pretty direct, otherwise I get something weird from my husband. No hinting!

@jspd I don’t hint/ I usually just buy it and tell the hubby it’s from him. 🙂

@kimorlando I say I WANT _____. REPEAT, I WANT ____.

@maryheston We all know that subtle doesn’t really work at our house – so pics go up on the fridge etc.

@CindyRichards Hubby never takes hints. I have to be bold. I send him links. Or just order it myself.

What’s best gift you ever got you didn’t even know you wanted or needed until you got it?

@conniefoggles Scratch off lottery cards.

@PaulEisenberg Neck lanyard w/waterproof box. Before waterparks started sellng them, felt like hot stuff for having one at beach, pool.

@iRunDisney Best gift received never knew I needed: Zero Halliburton carry on hard case. Haven’t checked a bag in 7 yrs!

@AnujaDeSilva  A travel stroller! It was so much lighter to carry than our regular one!

@S_thirtymommy My ipad…never wanted one but now I can’t live without it!

@frm1mom2another My reading glasses & that arm grabber thing that helps you reach stuff …. didn’t know I really needed them!

@barrettcaldwell I received a wine chiller and its pretty cool, never would have bought one.

@JSCSuperstar My sister got me an autographed picture of one of my favorite cartoon characters from when I was a kid!

What’s the gift that keeps on giving?

@PaulEisenberg I never stop being amazed at how travel brings our kids closer to each other…even if it wears off as soon as we’re home.

@lovethatmouse Gotta love my MILs annual gift certificate to our local wine shop!

@TibsTravel Gatherings = gift that keeps on giving. Get friends and family together in new places.

@RachelHorsley Back in ’96 told hubby I wanted a cell phone, but only if Santa would pay the monthly bill…17 years later Santa keeps giving.

@nanosmerk The gift that keeps on giving is an experience (a trip, a concert, a play).

@kimorlando Babysitting for new moms, spa treatments for all.

@judy511 The gift of travel!

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.

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