@ramblingstump Water. Gallons of water, lots of handwashing & don’t eat too much junk!


@shannonentin I love destination running races! Virginia Beach and Disney are my faves so far. Running in Napa in April!


@dipaolamomma My favorite healthy #travel trip was to @OaksSpa in Ojai Ca, many moons ago. Must go back.

@travelwithSara I guess I would have to say Rocky Mountain National Park lots of hiking and breathing fresh air.

@travelermom I dream of hiking the #AppalachianTrail. Trying to get fit so it doesn’t kill me.


What’s the coolest experience you had while traveling that could be called “exercise”?

@kimorlando Hiked Yosemite.

@shannonentin Coolest exercise experience I’ve had is taking a Spinning class – looking out over ocean! – on @RoyalCaribbean cruise.

@zkellyq Running through the airport with my shoes in hand to catch a flight!

@TibsTravel Ziplining definite travel exercise: climbing steps to platforms. Sweating nervously.

@PaulEisenberg Pushed a baby stroller up San Francisco streets 13 years ago. Strenuous, stressful, never-ending. Triceps still hurt.

@thehippiehut Snorkeling of the coast of Honduras.

@CindyRichards Love cross country skiing. Snowshoeing too. Did both in Door Co. WI.

@twinlins Traipsing around cool cities like Paris or Florence has got to be exercise.

@frm1mom2another Fighting off the crowds at graceland during Elvis week

@rychepet Avoid taxis and walk—you never know when you’ll find a hidden gem along the way

@alittlebiteof Snorkling is definitely exercise! I snorkled for scallops in the gulf—a lot of work!


@CindyRichards Offer them veggies and fruit, but let them eat cake. It’s a vacation for crying out loud.

@DesertChica Getting kids to eat healthy is all about choices – letting them choose between 2 healthy choices and having good snacks on hand.

@kimkrafs I try to set a good example and let them make choices in our activities and eating plans.

@lovernsavers keep healthy snacks on hand, and model choosing them yourself.

@lovethatmouse Order veggies as a side when we go to restaurants & encourage them to eat roast/grilled chicken not chicken fingers!

@SheBuysCars No kids menus! To eat healthy on the road, they order from the reg menu and house rules apply: Veggies are a must.

@PaulEisenberg Boost tiny cereal boxes from hotel and carry them. Even sugary ones relatively healthier than many sugary snacks you’d buy.

@TibsTravel Boycott kids’ menus. Find chefs who believe in good kid foods. Let’s build a list!

@leyn16 I plan ahead. Make healthy snacks at home so I help keeping my family healthy and on a budget.

What do you do to avoid getting sick when you fly?

@ohiocatfish wash your hands and stay away from the coughing travelers.

@CindyRichards I start w/ Vit C a week before I fly, then don’t touch tray table or magazines & use hand sanitizer after I buckle up.

@travelermom Hydrate. Wash my hands. Take my vitamins & Airborne pre-flight. And I pack my essential oils (lemon) if I start to feel bad.

@frm1mom2another Make sure shots are up to date, wash my hands (sanitizer), eat right, vitamins & WATER galore!

@ramblingstump Halo throat spray, sanitizer, wiping down tray table, wash hands, DON’T TOUCH FACE!

@weekendscount To avoid getting sick when we fly, I travel with LOTS of wipes, then I sanitize EVERYTHING! Plus, hand sanitizer.

@conniefoggles Sometimes I wipe down seats. Drink lots of water, use hand soap and if feeling sickly or sick travelers wear medical mask

@lovethatmouse My husband is obsessive about reminding the kids not to put their hands near their faces!

@PaulEisenberg Try to remember to sanitize hands after leaving lavatory. Lavatory door is a germ factory.

@judy511 Never touch the mags in the seat back.


@ramblingstump Change out air filters & dust. Nothing worse than dusty recycled stale air room. Also love little sanitizers.

@sleatham1 offer healthy snacks and meals! Have hand sanitizer along with the shampoo and soap!

@travelwithSara Group exercise sessions such as water aerobics in the pool, yoga on the beach- fun stuff like that!

@sarcasticmuch21 Have items on hand you can use in every hotel such as hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, water bottles.

@VB_Golfer My biggest concern is housekeeping not doing a good job cleaning, cleaning well is much better than cleaning fast.

@whirlsy Offer healthy options in the vending machines.

@nicholemckinnon wash the bed comforters

@alittlebiteof Clean linens, bathrooms, glassware, and food in the restaurants.

@rychepet I love the green option of maids NOT changing towels/linens, etc–keep germs out of the room.