CivilRightsMemorialCivil Rights Memorial, photo from Bing.comWe travel for unforgettable experiences and adventure, but what about to promote equality? In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., we talked about ethnic travel at our January 17 Monday Night Twitter Party. Our tweeters shared powerful historic sites they’ve visited, rally’s they’ve been to, and how travel teaches kids about culture.

What places can you recommend to visit that celebrate human rights?

@morriska372: I like the Women’s Museum in Dallas at Fair Park.
@ramblingstump: Lowell, MA: National History Park about textile mills, Levine Museum of the South in Charlotte, NC, and Holocaust Museum in D.C.
@thegeekwife: My hometown of Birmingham, AL has tons of civil rights history and is a great place to visit.
@DebMomof3: The Henry Ford in 9-year-old was thrilled to see the Rosa Parks bus…she’d just done a report on RP.

How does travel teach kids about other cultures?

@justicecw: Immersing kids in other cultures is the best way to teach them!
@ramblingstump: Travel will teach you about other personalities. We cook our way through other cultures.
@mom4everandever: Seeing it first hand: trying it, experiencing it, seeing kids in their own age group helps a bundle.
@thegeekwife: When you travel “go where the locals go” –that is the best way to teach kids about other cultures when travel.

What cultural attraction would you most like to visit?

@morriska372: I loved our visit to Chichen Itza. Very interesting! Especially the commuter place ride to Yucatan.
@ramblingstump: Love walking around in Boston- so much to see. Also Plymouth Plantation, SF Chinatown, Seattle’s Underground city.
@mom4everandever: Have taken kids to see the Oklahoma City Site, but would love for them to go to NYC and the world trade memorial.
@FrancescaMaz: I love ruins, anything from the ancient world. I’d go out of my way to visit such sites.

Have you traveled to a rally, convention, or seminar with powerful leaders? Who? What? Where?


@ramblingstump: Had the chance to interview some MA politicians and cardinal law at a 9/11 vigil as a college reporter.
@radiodeal2010: I’ve been to a rally at college against alleged prejudice in the system. But nothing with really powerful leaders..
@kimorlando: Saw Deepak Chopra speak. It was interesting, but I don’t recall a word. Got more from his book.
@justineickes: In college went to a pro-choice rally in D.C…Obama’s Inauguration was fabulous!

MLK promoted equality. How can travel promote equality?

@doubleadventure: Travel is a remainder that we are all essentially the same and deserve to be treated equals.
@kimorlando: Sustainable travel is one way to promote equality- buy local. Support local when you travel.
@DebMomof3: Can visit different cultures/people and experience for yourself how they live.
@morriska372: Set an example for our children. Don’t allow or excuse intolerance, stand up against it.

What other sites have you visited that celebrate important historic people?

@anneatcsuite: Big 2nd grade field trip is a bus ride through our small CT town…incredible history here! It is in the backyard!
@morriska372: The most recent trip that touched me was the JFK Memorial and Book Depository.
@drnelk: Used to live in Charlottesville- hit Jefferson’s house frequently and James Monroe’s as well.
@doubleadventure: I think visiting Native American cultural sites is very important and crucial to understanding the true history of this land.