women back of Acadia GMC Denali roadtrip-1Fast, furious and creative is how we would describe last night’s Twitter party with Techlicious.   Sharing plenty of big ideas for better travel was the topic for the first of three chats we’ll be hosting this month.

The party generated plenty of conversation around folk’s super DIY skills.  We had a great list of questions and the chatter was lively! Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous ideas that were shared last night–they’re sure to inspire you to create some very cool projects for your family’s next trip!

How can you use technology to create DIY projects that you can use for


@RunninInMySleep – Make a coloring book from an old DVD Case!


@Techtembo – Make a map so you can mark each spot you’ve visited.

@kymnasium – I can print fun worksheets to do and find great projects on pinterest. using technology.

@TeresaShaw –  We keep a clipboard in car for each kid to use w/workbooks, printables on long car trips.

What are the best DIY travel ideas you’ve seen?

travel case for cords@ZerinaGrace – I love this idea for cords!

@DesertChica – One of my own fave projects are these #DIY autograph books for #Disney!DesertChica

@woozlewozzle Building a location specific travel checklist! Things to see/collect: coins, rocks, landmarks…

Which DIY fashion ideas are good for travel?

@ssony711 – Love making quilts out of old jeans and T- Shirts

@mulysa32 – Putting necklaces thru straws to avoid tangles

@TeacherStacyH – I saw someone made a bikini and skirt out of soda pop tabs…B9ILFB-CQAEcHDj

@GeekDads – Buy boring/inexpensive luggage, and then let kids decorate for easier ID on the airport carousel.

What kinds of DIY games, toys, etc. do you create for roadtrips or plane travel for kids?

@debbutterflysB9IMX4UCYAEMhJJ – Every sheet has different items great to keep them occupied

@kelloggshow – Have your kids write their own MadLibs … they practice writing and grammar and don’t even know it!

@PaulEisenberg My kids search Google Images for coloring book pages, print & staple them for restaurants.

What would you like to make yourself if you had the time / tech/ tools?

@RunninInMySleep – I’d love to make a DIY Globe, or Map, highlighting every city and country we’ve travelled to!

@mariachen88 – voice detector keyboard so that I don’t need to type during twitter parties

What have u created for traveling that makes your trips more organized / less messy?

@janabananaky – I use those little tackle boxes w dividers to store all those little things you would go crazy looking for

@shadow62310 – Love this trash can idea! Wish it was big enough for the car lol